Caught on video.

Play with Chi.  It’s good for the planet.

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What I want to know is:  How does a guy this size leave such light footprints in wet sand?

Charles Robinson doing freestyle movement meditation in the morning mist.
iPhone video by Tina Snook, December 2012

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I really think this video captures the Spirit of Water in Kai Chi Do. Do the breath and the movement and your mind quiets, and your energy starts to flow.  Then your awareness expands and you feel connected to your Self and the Source of who you are.  Give it a try.

The music is “Tara” by K-Liv, available on

Many Blessings!

Quiet your Mind Meditation


Here’s some raw footage from our sunrise Kai Chi Do on New Years Day.  It makes a great 7 minute workout.  I couldn’t help myself – I just leaped outta my chair and started rockin’ the Chi.  Maybe it’ll have the same effect on you.  The music is great!  The first segment is “aum nama shivaya” by Wizard of ozO, and the second is “Choir Assembled” by Danilo Mazzeo.  Both are available on and shared under a Creative Commons By-NC-SA license, so feel free to Share Alike!  Remember to breathe!

Many Blessings!


We reminded everyone last week how important it is to do Kai Chi Do at your own pace.  Doing the movements smaller and slower is a way that you can regulate the intensity of the experience.

So we thoughts we’d share with you a video of The World’s Smallest Chi Circles.  Do try this at home. Remember to breathe!