Losing Weight and Getting Younger

Last month we saw Charles’ father and stepmother, who came down from New Jersey for a huge family reunion in St. Petersburg, Florida.  And all his dad could say to Charles was, “WOW!  You look great!  What have you been doing?”

It’s often several years between visits with his dad, and each time he sees us, Charles seems to be getting younger.  He’s not Benjamin Button, but take a look for yourself.  This photo was taken of  Charles 22 years ago:

Susan and Charles 1988

Susan and Charles 1988

Charles was a chubba-bubba back then.

Three things account for his weight loss and “youthing”:

*     Creating a happy home,
*     Healthy eating, and
*     Doing Kai Chi Do nearly every day.

(Well,  a good haircut helps too, but they didn’t have good haircuts in the 80’s.)

Creating a happy home has a lot to do with being in love and putting connection first.  That’s a subject worthy of a separate blog.  (Stay tuned).

We always thought we ate healthy.  But there were a few major improvements we needed to make, and it took us several years to figure it out.  Here’s how we eat now:

No refined sugar. Period.  That also means all the stuff that’s made with refined sugar.  Skip it.  You don’t need it.

After that, there are just 6 things we avoid (Susan eats these in limited quantity.  Charles doesn’t eat them at all):  Bread, Rice, Pasta, Potatoes, Cereal, and Corn.

It’s very important to replace those starches with fresh fruits and vegetables, and not just load up on protein.  We find it’s important to eat some protein every day, but too much of it and we feel heavy and sluggish.

Fresh fruits and veggies are about 80% of our diet.  We eat raw veggies and also cooked, and we occasionally eat frozen vegetables (very occasionally), but we don’t eat canned.

That’s it really:  just 7 foods to avoid.

And the other thing that keeps Charles looking younger every year is Kai Chi Do.  Take a look at him now:

Charles Buddha

Charles - Happy and Healthy


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