The day the music died

Kai Chi Do without Music?

The Lovable Francine


I just wanted to share a recent experience at my last Kai Chi Do class.  This experience taught me the importance of dropping out of the monkey mind and and stepping into the LOVE and allowing the WORLD to meet YOU.

I began the practice with The End of Suffering, only to have my music source die as we started to enter the hand positions for the Future.  After scrambling for a few minutes I let it all go and reassembled everyone who showed up to bring us back to finishing the opening root. Into the hand positions of the FUTURE and as I am feeling the anxiety and anxiousness of how this is all going to happen without music, I surrender to the moment.  I surrender the perception that I need music (a playlist) to do Kai Chi Do.  I surrender to the love and laugh, and then breathe and allow the group to meet me as we embark upon the journey of our breath together as ONE.

It was one of the most powerful circles in teaching me the importance of allowing what is and allowing the LOVE/WORLD to meet me and share what comes through, knowing it is.

Blessings my fellow teachers. XO

Francine Brown


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