Kai Chi Do Float

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During Kai Chi Do at the beach yesterday, when Charles took the group into the Water element, he decided to literally take them into the waves.

I was inspired to take the whole group out into the ocean. Holding hands, everyone leaned back into the ocean and relaxed, doing connected breathing.  And  floated, supported by the water and totally surrendering.  People experienced feelings of profound letting go – letting go of resistance.  It brought such a deep serenity. One person actually went to sleep while floating on the gentle waves of the ocean, buoyed by the water and our holding hands.

A lot of people had insights – They saw the meaning of their current experiences.  Instead of seeing their past as a burden, they felt grateful for everything they’ve gone through in life, that brought them to this moment of realization.  They had the insight that it was all necessary to bring them to this point.

And people had the realization that they are not alone. They felt nurtured by the water and by the group.  People said they felt safe letting go at that level, where they could relax so deeply.  When you are floating, you just totally let go.

Surrendering to Nature was so powerful.  It was really inspiring for me.  It opened my mind to being able to facilitate the process in Water in a whole new way.

That was my bright spot.  Just seeing the possibility of helping people to surrender in a new way.


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  • Sensi Al Mckay

    August 8, 2010, 4:30 pm

    Greetings to Sensi Charles Robinson and Family also to my fellow Kai Chi Do Family. I have been a student of the Martial Arts four more then 36 years or better- Kung Fu , Judo, Karate, Kick Boxing plus the Fact of starting out with Charles in Kai Chi Do. I have seen and been in more then most when it comes to the Martial Arts. But Today Sunday, August 8th 2010 i had a Major Breakthrough in my Life while Breathing and Meditating with Charles while doing the Five Elements. My Breakthrough came with the element “Fire” or “Huo” as it is also known. I Realized that i was ” Holding My Stomach in ” and not allowing my Breathing to “Flow” holding myself back to the True Nature of my “Chi”. Once this was done within me i became the “ROOT, AIR , FIRE ,WATER AND THE EARTH! I say now to the Kai Chi Do Family everywhere Don;t just do the Elements Become them – Everyday of your lives. I also like to thank my Wife and Step Daughter for joining with us today. This is One Martial Arts Instructor and Student Who thanks God everyday for being able to keep on learning. For all other Martial Art Instructors reading this the door to Kai Chi Do is open come on in. Sensi Al Mckay

  • David

    April 25, 2011, 10:03 pm

    Hi, I wonder if you are the gentleman that studied under Jesse Glover & wrote an article on punching in SOF in 1982?

    Cheers, David.

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