How many SA breaths does it take to hit The Zone?

One of my favorite parts of Kai Chi Do is the moment when the SA breaths and the movements calm  my mind.  It happens within the first few minutes, and POW! – I’m in The Zone.

Now you have to understand – this is Susan talking.  I’m a person who doesn’t normally enjoy anything that resembles exercise.  It took me years of procrastination and Charles’ unwavering acceptance of me, just the exercise-avoidant way that I am, before I gave Kai Chi Do a try. Years of meditation took me to The Zone on a few memorable occasions.  Breathwork got me there – most of the time – in about a half hour.  And meditation and breathwork didn’t give my body a tune up.  This is different.

Here’s a quick video of Charles.  He says it’s “a good wake up”.  You can do a minute of SA breaths and a few basic movements along with the video.  (And take it from me – Kai Chi Do is not a spectator sport.  To get the high you’ve got to give it a try, so stand up before you click the Play button).

When you’re done, leave us a comment and tell us:  How many SA breaths does it take for you to hit The Zone?

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Please be patient if it takes a moment for the video to load.

The music is Stand by Sly and the Family Stone.  Watch them singing it Live at the Tokyo Jazz Festival in 2008.


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