Synchronicity and The Elements

Recently, one of Charles’ clients had the insight that his environment, his experiences, are a reflection of his thinking.

It started with Kai Chi Do.

They were talking about the wind – how he had noticed that no matter how hot it was, or how still the air was, as soon as they went into the Water Element in Kai Chi Do, it seemed to cool down.

And – just in that moment – a huge gust of wind came and washed over them both.

And they laughed.

A gust of wind may not seem like much of a sign to some people.

But there’s a bigger principle here, and this guy got it!

Kai Chi Do gave him the experience of synchronicity.  And in that moment, he understood that sign on Charles’ door: “It’s not what’s coming at you.  It’s what’s coming from you.”

During Kai Chi Do, the signs come from Nature.  And people come to appreciate these subtle beauties –  An eagle that flies over us when we are meditating on freedom, dolphins swimming near  just as we finish our Kai Chi Do session, a dragonfly that landed on the tip of Charles’ fingers as he was doing prayer hands (wish I’d had the camera handy for that one!).

But the synchronicities are there –  in all the subtle and loud experiences of our daily life.

It’s not magic.  Watch carefully and even your logical mind will be humbled — We are all connected.


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