Meet the Instructor: Kai Chi Do Chicago

Biana Mavasheva, Kai Chi Do Instructor, Chicago

Meet the lovely Biana Mavasheva, Kai Chi Do instructor in Chicago.

Biana has been studying with Charles since November 2007.  Biana is also a Oneness Blessing Giver (she’ll be doing Kai Chi Do in India next month!) and is certified in Body Talk System.

This is what she would like to share as a practitioner and instructor of Kai Chi Do:

When I started taking Kai Chi Do back in 2007 many miraculous transformations began to occur within me.  As I continued taking classes week after week, I came to the understanding that I’ve been waiting for this practice all my life. I’ve sincerely been looking to make this powerful connection with myself, with Source energy, and feel everyone as part of the one network of all life.

Coming into the practice, I understood this ‘self, Source, others’ inter-connection intellectually but, over the years, Kai Chi Do allowed me to experience it energetically.

What I do recall from my first few Kai Chi Do practices is this joy, calmness and a sense of bliss that began to flower within me. Now, every time I teach a class, I grow so excited about the opportunity to share this practice that had such a profound impact in my life.

At first I wasn’t sure how it would be to bring a new spiritual practice to a big city. Though, after holding my first few classes, my worries were completely dispelled and everyone loved and gained inner-growth after each Kai Chi Do process. In every class people would be crying, laughing, celebrating, breathing, and awakening. A shift would always take place within us.

I could go on and on about the healing that has transpired in many people’s lives as a result of the energy that was cultivated during Kai Chi Do. The stories, the testimonials, are endless!  Though, the message that I really want to carry through is this: Give yourself this gift and try Kai Chi Do. It has been a very BIG gift in my life. I promise you will love this pure life energy!

Biana offers classes at The Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago.  You can find Kai Chi Do with Biana in Chicago at Foster Beach on our Events Calendar or at MeetUp Kai Chi Do Chicago.


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  • Arlene Rochelle Quinn

    June 12, 2011, 5:51 pm

    Hi Biana! I’m pleased to meet you. Charles Robinson has been my teacher for many years. He has and always will be a big part of my life along with his wife Susan, who I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting and their beautiful daughter Shantiom. May God bless you and all who are connected with Kai Chi Do 🙂 Arlene (Sheldeer)

  • Carole Bellemare

    January 6, 2016, 3:16 pm

    Good afternoon!
    I was at Kripalu on Jan. 1 through 3rd for Sadie Nardinis’s classes. I was presently surprised to meet you and dance with you and finding out about Kai Chi Do. I was talking to some of my friends here, in Montreal, and, as there is nowhere to do it in this area, we were thinking of talking the trainer’s class. I already had some exchange with people at the .com site but they were telling me about the courses in New York. We would rather go to Chicago and get the teaching from you. Is that a possibility? Do you give those classes only in the Chicago area? Also, do you have a calendar of classes we can look at? One of my friend is pregnant, so we have to kind of work around that! Thank you and have a great week, Carole

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