Meet the Instructors: New York

Looking for an uplifting, joyous workout in the New York / New Jersey area?  You’ll find it at Vastu Health with Marty and Eric Lehrer.

Marty Lehrer

Marty Lehrer, Kai Chi Do Instructor, New York

Marty is Eric’s mom.  She started studying with Charles Robinson in the summer of 2007.   Marty introduced Eric to Charles and Kai Chi Do.  In fact, Marty could hardly wait for Eric to try it.  Here’s why:

From my very first experience with Kai Chi Do, I felt a powerful connection to my mind & body. After raising four children on my own,  Kai Chi Do helped to renew the passion to embrace my own life again. There are wonderful benefits to my daily Kai Chi Do practice –  clarity, a feeling of spacious opening, lightness, free-flowing energy, flexibility of my mind & spirit, and strength in my self. My favorite part of class is knowing when I leave, I feel a little bit stronger, a little bit lighter and a whole lot happier!!

Marty said, “For me, practicing Kai Chi Do has been my “saving grace”.  Mentally and physically, it has helped slow down my racing mind (and body!) and has given my life peace & balance.”

What about Eric?

Eric Lehrer

Eric Lehrer, Kai Chi Do Instructor, New York….and one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever know

“For me Kai Chi Do is more than an exercise, it is my way of life. I love what I do and I wake up every morning ready to do it again!”

“I found Kai Chi Do in June 2009, at a time in my life when I was struggling with the loss of my older brother.  I found that Kai Chi Do gave me a way to release, let go, breathe and embrace the good in life.”

Now, Eric is passionate about teaching and sharing Kai Chi Do, knowing first hand the healing transformative power it has had in his own life.

Eric is a powerhouse.  He’s dynamic and fun, and also gentle and grounding.  He encourages students to listen to their own inner wisdom, building strength in their bodies and self belief within their minds. Eric’s classes help students to connect with the rhythm of their breath and find the place of all knowing and stillness within.

Kai Chi Do translates to “Free Spirit Way” and Eric said, “that is exactly what Kai Chi Do has done for me.  It’s freed my Spirit.”

And here’s the newest addition to Eric’s Kai Chi Do family:

The youngest Kai Chi Do-er

Hey, New Yorkers!  How far would you drive to calm your mind and refresh your Spirit?  From Manhattan, Kai Chi Do at Vastu Health is just a little over an hour away.  And if you’re in Jersey, it’s  just hop over the state line.  Check it out.


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  • Kim Rau

    August 28, 2010, 7:30 am

    I just got back from two classes with Eric, Awesome, I certainly needed a boast, and I got.
    It was worth the two hour drive. we all have differnt families, well I just found my Kai chi do family.
    If your any where in the tri state and need a boast check it out . The town is great too.

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