Kai Chi Do: Opening a Vortex

vortex by cycreation @ fotolia.com

This week, during a powerful Kai Chi Do session, Charles helped the group to open a space to connect with Source Energy.

Everyone felt so much healing from it.  They wanted to keep the connection open – for themselves and also to make it available to other people.  So they were a little reluctant for the session to end.

When you do Kai Chi Do, you are raising and uplifting your spirit in the moment.  You’re making a contribution to the fabric of life.  You’re also uplifting the place where you do the session.  You’re leaving an energy signature there.  It becomes the spirit of a place.  When people wander into that space, they come in contact with the opening, the vortex, that you’ve created there.

And at the end of a Kai Chi Do session, you don’t close the vortex – You integrate it.

And then you carry the connection with you.


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  • al

    August 16, 2010, 12:17 am

    Sensi Charles – Thanks 4 another powerful session on the beach today God Bless to you and many Blessing 4 the whole Kai Chi Do Family- My Chi is getting much better in My Spirit- Thanks , One of your First Students Sensi Al Mckay

  • Justin Arrieta

    November 21, 2013, 1:52 am

    Chi Airbending impressive, the one thing I don’t understand 2 chakra for healing how do you use it better and the air bending I’m going to try something tomorrow

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