Meet the Instructor: Kentucky

Meet the Instructor: Kentucky, Tamara Newman

Tamara Newman, Kai Chi Do Instructor, Kentucky

Gentle, loving Tamara Newman has brought Kai Chi Do to Kentucky.  Yes, we said Kentucky! Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, home of the Kentucky Derby and lots of great bluegrass music.   Well, Kentucky has something else to bring them pride  – They’ve got Tamara.  You won’t find a sweeter soul anywhere on Earth.  Intuitive, caring, and wow – seriously fit!  We are so grateful that she is a part of this Kai Chi Do family!

Here’s what Tamara wants you to know about Kai Chi Do:

Kai Chi Do is a magical experience that brings happiness, fun and connection to a world that is longing for it. It is a process that allows you to let go of thoughts and emotions you didn’t even realize you were holding on to.

When I first experienced Kai Chi Do I was in a confused and lost place. The world wasn’t making much sense at all.  Kai Chi Do breathed life back into my body and mind. I felt a connection to life again in a way that is inexplicable. I knew this experience was meant to be shared with as many people as possible and I wanted to be the one who brought this process to them. I couldn’t wait to be an instructor and learn how to give this feeling to anyone and everyone who needed it.

Kai Chi Do is like a recipe for freedom. Music, simple movements and breath, in a circle, that’s it. It is amazing how something so simple can be so powerful.

I have brought Kai Chi Do to Louisville, Kentucky and in just a few weeks I had a consistent following. People said they couldn’t imagine a better way to start their weekend off. After the process people hug me and say thank you with such delight in their voice. One person said “I just feel so happy” with the biggest smile on their face and I said “exactly”.

Tamara Newman teaches Kai Chi Do in Louisville, Kentucky at Cherokee Park by Hogan’s Fountain. To get more information please visit  and give Tamara a hug from us!

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