Kai Chi Do: Helping teens find their center

Kai Chi Do Instructor Francine Brown has been leading a group of teenagers in a series of Kai Chi Do classes.  I think Kai Chi Do gives them the experience of getting above some very tough circumstances and taking their power back, deciding for themselves how they want to feel.  Kai Chi Do gives them a tool to find their center.  Here’s what Francine said:

3rd Class with the teens:
I woke up with love and purpose in my heart Wednesday morning, all the fears from the week before had dropped away. As I come back each week I learn how important it is to live in integrity and show up and do what you are called to do. I may not know their names but I know their faces, I know their struggles, and I help them find their smiles and just let go, even if for just a moment. For some a moment of peace is enough to keep them going and rejuvenating their faith, reminding them they are not what they are going through and it too shall pass.

An added surprise at this week’s class there were two little girls about age 3-4 who where at the picnic tables with their mom. As soon as we started they were at the edge of the circle doing the movements with us. Even after the mom took them over to the play ground the 4yr old came back over to the edge and was rocking her chi! I ask what age is too young for this work!? Can you imagine generations growing up with Kai Chi Do in their life from the start?

Also, after class I had one of the kids come up and ask for my playlist, (ego boost galore, what a wonderful compliment. For as I have expressed before, creating the playlists are my most challenging and rewarding part of this work) That being said, the more I do it the easier it has become.

At the end of this circle I was able to go around the circle and have each of them share their message, that wanted to , they were messages of: Never give up hope, may everyone be blessed, sleep, keep your head up, everyone is beautiful…

I love being a vessel to share this work, thank you Divine for using me.


Meet the Instructor: Kai Chi Do New York

Meet the Instructor: Kai Chi Do New York, Jessica McClelland

Jessica McClelland
Certified Kai Chi Do Instructor

There’s a new Kai Chi Do instructor in New York!  A phenomenal loving heart wrapped in a bright-minded, creative powerhouse with a voice that will drop your jaw when she sings out Italian opera.  That’s the amazing Jessica McClelland.

We are so proud to announce that Jessica recently earned her Kai Chi Do instructor certification!  Here’s what people are saying about her classes:

“You’ve helped me realize through your gentle guidance that happiness and peace can and should be constants in life.” —  Elly Steiker-Pearl

“The balance in Kai Chi Do between fun and energy and emotions and letting go and your body and mind represent the balance that you’ve always been able to maintain – you literally embody the entire process of a Kai Chi Do class in everything you do in your life.” — Kerianne Westphal

 “I went into your class knowing the ins and outs. The aahs and the sahs. But what I was not prepared for was the amount of joy and self love that came along with it. you can’t help but smile and feel good after the McClelland Kai Chi Do experience.” — Ashley Smith

Jessica tried to put her own experience into words:

Kai Chi Do saved my life. In so very many ways. I was in a dark place with no hope, and Kai Chi Do helped me find my path and my light. I know now that no matter where I go, that light will never be far away. Kai Chi Do opened up my world to a love that is so much bigger than me – and being able to teach and spread this lifestyle is just such a gift. I am so happy to be able to look at someone and offer them something that helped me so much. More importantly, I am confident that no matter how many people fall as in love with this practice as I have, I am doing exactly what I need to be. I don’t feel the need to coerce or to force. This beautiful energy, this Chi that pumps through our veins just as freely and it flows through the universe, it will help me do and say exactly what I need to. When I wake up in the morning, I know that the universe is here for me, and the opportunities that I have to share this comfort are literally what makes my life worthwhile. 

When I step into a circle, my worries and insecurities drift away. I am an instructor, a facilitator, a supporter, and a grounded and happy human being. I am no different than those in the circle with me, except that I get to talk more and pick the music. Which in itself is a lot of fun. I guess what I’m trying to say is that to me, teaching is just an amazing amazing way to share all this happiness that fills me up to nearly bursting whenever I think about how lucky I am to have this process in my life. 

Wake up, New York!  Find out how lucky you are!  Jessica’s classes, including Teen Chi Do, are available at Vastu Health in Warwick, New York.   And take a look at Jessica’s blog!

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