What Is Kai Chi Do?

Charles Robinson developed Kai Chi Do as a form of meditation in action.   Using breathwork, music, and movements derived from the ancient wisdom of the martial arts, Kai Chi Do quickly takes you into a calm meditative state of mind.  At the same time, you get a great physical workout that you can easily adapt to your own level of fitness.  And you get to share it all with a group of friends who are right there with you on that natural high.

The name “Kai Chi Do” literally translates to “Free Spirit Way” or “Free Energy Way”.  The process of Kai Chi Do takes you through The  Five Elements – Root, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth  –  to free blocked energy.  As physical and emotional resistance dissolves, you feel Life Energy flowing freely throughout your body and consciousness, uplifting you.

And bringing you home to your Self.

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