Kai Chi Do Registered Trademark

Kai Chi Do is a registered Trademark of Charles Robinson.

We trademarked this process to protect it – to assure that no one goes out saying that they are teaching Kai Chi Do, when in fact, they don’t know how to do that. They change and alter the process…and confuse people about what Kai Chi Do is.

We trademarked Kai Chi Do to protect the quality of the process.  Kai Chi Do is simple and easy to do, with a trained instructor who follows the intentional design that Charles Robinson developed, and who will protect this art form to preserve its benefits.

So we do enforce our registered trademark, to protect the integrity of the Kai Chi Do process.

If you want to become an instructor, please contact us and we’ll notify you about available instructor trainings. If you are promoting a Kai Chi Do event, please include in your advertising materials the name of the certified instructor who will lead the process. No one should be teaching Kai Chi Do unless they are trained and certified.   Thank you! We know you love this process as much as we do.