kai chi do instructor theresa sargent

Theresa Sargent, Certified Kai Chi Do Instructor

Theresa Sargent is one of our newest certified Kai Chi Do Instructors.  She is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki master and polarity therapist. Since studying holistic massage in 2004, Theresa has always had an interest in the mind, body and spirit connection, and alternative styles of healing.  What led her to become a Kai Chi Do Instructor?

I was introduced to Kai Chi Do in 2010, when I started working with Charles at ATI Wellness.  Doing Kai Chi Do at beaches and parks was part of my job description.  I thought I’d won the lottery!  As I started participating in the movement and the breath, watching and feeling beautiful healing take place, it was the beginning of understanding the concept of One movement, One breath, One community.  I knew I wanted to learn more.

I was looking for a new level of healing work, something my heart and spirit desired.  Funny, I didn’t intend on leading classes, I wanted it for my own personal growth.  I laugh at the conversation I remember having with Charles, “I don’t see myself having my own  Kai Chi Do circles, I’m just wanting to grow as a practitioner, and I think this will really help.”  And at some point in the months after my training, Divine Wisdom had different plans for me…it was as if the inner teacher stepped forward, knowing I could help share this work with so many other people.

I love the Freedom I feel when doing Kai Chi Do,  dancing and connecting, without a care in the world. It’s such an amazing feeling when your walls and barriers dissolve, and just pure breath brings you into the here and now.  Kai Chi Do gives a beautiful connection to so many of us.  We come together with many different stories, but we don’t know anything about each other’s stories.  We don’t have to know the stories.  What we do know is our dance, our energy, the warmth in our hands and the love in our hearts.   It builds community, that’s what I love about Kai Chi Do.

Theresa facilitates compassionate, beautiful heart connections with others.  She believes healing comes from within and everyone has the power to heal.  Sometimes we just need to be reminded or shown what balance and relaxation feels like.  Whether it’s holding a Kai Chi Do group, providing an individual session, or just connecting one-on-one, Theresa is dedicated to helping others reclaim their inner healer.

Theresa holds Kai Chi Do groups at Bliss Empowerment Center, in Palm Harbor. She’s also offering Kai Chi Do workshops at Yoga studios and spiritual centers throughout Pinellas and Pasco County.

Contact Theresa @ Nurturingyourways@yahoo.com

Kim photo

Kim Rau, Certified Kai Chi Do Instructor, Pennsylvania

Just had to introduce you to Kim Rau, Certified Kai Chi Do instructor, who flew in last weekend to join us for a refresher at the Instructor Training, finally giving us a chance to snap a photo of her.

Kim is warm and down to Earth, caring and smart, incredibly busy and FUN!  See that bright twinkle in her eyes?  She’s got an easy laugh that matches that twinkle perfectly!  Some people just know how to play.  Check it out – I got this email from Kim about a month ago.

I just want to share with you a delightful night I had last night, I am still smiling, We had  spontaneous Kai Chi Do.

I went to a tribal dance for Spring, Never been to one, did not know what I was getting into. (My quest right now is to experience as much new music as possible).  I did go with flyer in hand. Anyhow, there were 5 of us there – I explain Kai Chi Do, this happens to be a cowork place during the day and they are looking to do holistic events in the evening.  I did not have my ipod with me so I was trying to show them the Kai Chi Do website on my iphone.  Next thing I knew they had a projector on the wall and I was showing them your videos, and then everyone is up doing Kai Chi Do with you and Charles.  It was so spontaneous and so beautiful. I will be teaching Kai Chi Do there.  I just can’t stop smiling, it is amazing how life flows when you let it.  Thank you both for being a part of my life, I love the ripple effect that I am seeing.

If you’re looking for Kai Chi Do in Pennsylvania, just click to Contact Us and we’ll get your message to Kim.

Thank you, Kim, for all the joy you bring!

Meet the Instructor: New York - Heart of Gold Laurie Kelly-Pye, Kai Chi Do Instructor

“Heart of Gold” Laurie Kelly-Pye,
Certified Kai Chi Do Instructor

“As you practice the art of raising the Chi you fill your self with love, you release the yesterdays and tomorrows, and you find yourself in the now.”

I came to Kai Chi Do through a desire to find movement again.  I had a severe injury where I was laid up and needed an exercise that I could do at my own pace that would allow me to regain my range of movement.  Little did I know all of the wonderful things Kai Chi Do would bring to my life.

Kai Chi Do is a wonderful practice that allows you to breathe and let go in ways you would never imagine.  It attracts wonderful creative people from every walk of life and each process brings its own unique goodness.  People feel better having taken part and look to bring that positivity into their everyday lives.

Each instructor has a unique style they bring to the process.  My hope in becoming an instructor was to put my own spin on the journey and to take it to people who had never experienced it before.  It was very synchronistic for me in that when I was ready I found Kai Chi Do in my hometown with two amazing instructors: Eric and Marty Lehrer.  I look forward to sharing the process with you and helping you ignite the joy that comes in the flow.

Contact: kelly_pye@yahoo.com

What an amazing journey this continues to be.

Much Love,

Laurie aka “Kelly-Pye”

Meet the Instructor: Kentucky, Tamara Newman

Tamara Newman, Kai Chi Do Instructor, Kentucky

Gentle, loving Tamara Newman has brought Kai Chi Do to Kentucky.  Yes, we said Kentucky! Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, home of the Kentucky Derby and lots of great bluegrass music.   Well, Kentucky has something else to bring them pride  – They’ve got Tamara.  You won’t find a sweeter soul anywhere on Earth.  Intuitive, caring, and wow – seriously fit!  We are so grateful that she is a part of this Kai Chi Do family!

Here’s what Tamara wants you to know about Kai Chi Do:

Kai Chi Do is a magical experience that brings happiness, fun and connection to a world that is longing for it. It is a process that allows you to let go of thoughts and emotions you didn’t even realize you were holding on to.

When I first experienced Kai Chi Do I was in a confused and lost place. The world wasn’t making much sense at all.  Kai Chi Do breathed life back into my body and mind. I felt a connection to life again in a way that is inexplicable. I knew this experience was meant to be shared with as many people as possible and I wanted to be the one who brought this process to them. I couldn’t wait to be an instructor and learn how to give this feeling to anyone and everyone who needed it.

Kai Chi Do is like a recipe for freedom. Music, simple movements and breath, in a circle, that’s it. It is amazing how something so simple can be so powerful.

I have brought Kai Chi Do to Louisville, Kentucky and in just a few weeks I had a consistent following. People said they couldn’t imagine a better way to start their weekend off. After the process people hug me and say thank you with such delight in their voice. One person said “I just feel so happy” with the biggest smile on their face and I said “exactly”.

Tamara Newman teaches Kai Chi Do in Louisville, Kentucky at Cherokee Park by Hogan’s Fountain. To get more information please visit meetup.com/kaichidolouisville/  and give Tamara a hug from us!

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Meet the Instructor: St. Petersburg, Florida, Tina Snook

Tina “Sweet T” Snook, Kai Chi Do Instructor
aka Tinkerball

St. Petersburg, Florida got a whole lot sweeter when Tina Snook moved here!  She’s a treasure.

For those of you who haven’t met Tina in person, her voice is the giggle and the cheering you hear in many of our Kai Chi Do videos.  It’s amazing how much she contributes to our Chi circles.  She’s warm and real.  Bright and passionate for life.  And when you’re with her, you get infused with that sparkle.  You feel lighter and brighter, and more alive.

So what does Tina have to say about Kai Chi Do?

Kai Chi Do is the most extraordinary (and easiest) thing I have ever participated in.

I always find myself tongue-tied when I try to explain what Kai Chi Do is to me.  Words like “coming home” and “joyful” and “free” and “completely present” and “singing out” and “standing so comfortably in the presence of my purist and truest self” come to mind, but fall short.

The best way to describe Kai Chi Do is like going to the most loving, emotional, joyous, wedding of your life, where you have danced all night with the people you love most in the world (and to the most exquisite soul pumping, heart piercing, music of your life). And much like after a great wedding, it is always a bit hard to leave the beach after Kai Chi Do!

Four years ago was the first time I experienced Kai Chi Do circle. What I have realized since that first circle is that, imperceptibly, I am feeling less anxious, more centered, more loving, more patient, more liberated, gentler with myself, more playful, and more connected.

Kai Chi Do has taught me to Breathe through the tight parts of each day, to soften my focus and to be present. I feel as though I have taken off a heavy coat and I feel truly Alive for the first time in decades.

I am incredibly Blessed and honored to be a part of this loving, growing, breathing, evolving Kai Chi Do community, and am filled to bursting with love and gratitude for the Robinson family for spreading this beautiful gift.

I am sending out a giant, joyous, love-filled, tail-wiggling OOH-Sah!

And I thank my lucky stars for this crazy lil’ thing called Kai Chi Do.


We love you, Tina!