Sometimes it’s hard to remember that money, like everything else, is something we can attract into our lives.  When money is low, we get desperate.  Let’s face it, we need money to survive.  When we don’t have enough, it’s pit-of-the-stomach raw fear.  The kind of desperate where your mind is scrambling, alternating between trying to figure a way out and grappling with worst case scenarios.

Several years ago Charles and I started a business providing services for people with developmental disabilities.  We used our house as collateral on an Small Business Administration loan, and that loan money was gone long before we could afford to take salaries out of the business.  Shanti was little.  We were both literally working day and night, at the business and at other jobs so that we had some income just to get by.  And because we had used our house as collateral on the loan we were seriously in mental and emotional survival mode.  Alternating between scrambling to try to figure a way out and fearing we would lose our home.  Waking up worrying at night.

We decided that we could generate a little more income if Charles could get some work with teens in trouble, maybe see about doing some groups with kids who were in detention.  He agreed to call and find out if they wanted to hire him.

We also knew, from all the spiritual work we’d done, that we needed to be open to receive.  We knew that our fear and desperation would only get in the way.  So we decided to do some clearing, lift our vibration, so to speak.  We took our snorkel out to the hot tub and both did breathwork.  We had the cell phone nearby, and just as we were getting out of the tub, relaxed and with our clarity and hope renewed, the phone rang.

The woman on the other end of the phone said she was calling from the Department of Juvenile Justice.  And I said, “Oh, you must have talked to Charles!”  She was confused by my comment.  She said she wasn’t sure what I meant.  She hadn’t talked to Charles. She’d found us through a state website where we’d registered our business.  She wanted to know if we could provide mental health and addiction group counseling for teens who’d had legal problems.

Well, Charles hadn’t even made the call yet.  And this turned into a healthy revenue stream for us for a few years.

We had strong desire.  And we’d come straight out of the hot tub where we’d been desperate enough to open ourselves to another way, even if that way was just us giving up the struggle long enough to listen for an answer.  In that moment, we had no resistance.  Strong desire. No resistance.  Abraham Hicks says that’s the formula for manifestation.

I can’t say I know how to manifest all my desires.  I’m still learning.

But I do know that when I’m desperate, that is some powerful energy right there. That is absolute clarity, crystal-clear, powerful, fierce, intense, burning energy calling out to the Universe.  And I do believe that when I can find a thought that gets my resistance out of the way, that fierce desire is an irresistible vibrational magnet, pulling to me what I want and need.


Money and The Cost of Resistance“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future
by merely changing his attitude.

—–   Oprah Winfrey

How much is your struggle costing you?

How much does it cost – in time and money and lost relationships, when you’re struggling?  When you’re pushing, pushing, pushing, disappointed, frustrated, angry, more pushing.   If you just look at it financially, is all that struggle, fighting, resistance worth $100? $1000? $10,000?  $50,000? Money that could otherwise come to you through the path of least resistance.

When you’re coming from a good place people around you pick up on that. They pick up on your sincerity.  They pick up on your genuineness.  And as a result of that people are more apt to work with you. They’re more apt to open up opportunities for you. How many deals and purchases are based on a gut feeling?

Are people feeling good when they’re with you?  Or are they feeling your pressure?

Put out a clear intention as far as what you want in business. And then let go of resistance.  Let go of trying to make it happen.

That doesn’t mean you sit around waiting for the universe to deliver.  It just means you don’t hold so tightly to the outcome that you forget the present moment.  You let go of pushing – pushing against the past, pushing for the future. Ironically, when you push for the outcome you say you want, you end up pushing against it – Because you’re so focused on it NOT being here now.

When you’re not struggling and you’re not pushing and you’re not fighting, you’re able to see openings that you didn’t see before.   You feel better and people feel relaxed and comfortable with you.  Relationships can be built.  And money comes from the value you share.

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