“Heaven is right where you are standing and that is the place to train.”
Morihei Ueshiba (O’Sensei, the founder of Aikido)

Kai Chi Do is a metaphysical workout that will inspire and energize you.  But just like the ancient martial arts, Kai Chi Do is also a living philosophy that can inform and enlighten your daily life.

We’ve designed a bunch of opportunities for people to experience Kai Chi Do and learn to use the Five Elements to increase their aliveness throughout each day.


Kai Chi Do Weekend Retreats – Friday night to Sunday night, full of Kai Chi Do, breathwork, meditations, awesome teachings and discussion. People come to our retreats for three main reasons:

1) To celebrate because they’re feeling great and they just want more of that,

2) to get away from their immediate stressors in order to work through problems that have been troubling them,

3) to find a happiness that has been elusive, even when everything in their life is outwardly good.

The other reason people come is to bring their friends and family – to share the experience that changed their lives.

How does the weekend work?

The retreat gives you the experience of the Five Elements.  The processes energize your body, calm your mind, expand your awareness, and shift your perspective.  When you feel better, the world looks different.  You can touch things that were previously out of reach.  The weekend is a taste of a new lifestyle, a model of tools and practices that you can use at home.

Locations?  Kai Chi Do Weekends are held in St. Petersburg, Florida, or in Hosted locations – you put a group together and we’ll come to your place to facilitate the weekend.

–  Coaching is for people who want one on one instruction and support from Charles.  Coaching gets down to the nitty gritty – A philosophy is great, but how do you personally put it to work?  How do you apply it to your life?  How do you turn the daily grind into a fun trip – with better relationships, good health, and a relaxed mind? When is the last time you woke up in joyful anticipation of the day?  Charles is your guide.

Teleconference Support Group – Charles provides weekly training and support calls.  It’s an inexpensive way to get ongoing support and practical teachings from Charles, and be an active part of the Kai Chi Do community.

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Large Events and Collaborations – We love a crowd!  Conference?  Concert?  Faith event?  Add Kai Chi Do.  Get people moving!  Make them participants, instead of observers.  Give them an experience they can feel.  And raise the energy of your event.  Contact us!

Are you a musician?  Let’s create together!


Kai Chi Do Instructor Training – There are three levels of expertise for Kai Chi Do Instructors: Kai level, Chi level and Do level instructors.  Please Contact Us if you are interested in becoming a Kai Chi Do instructor.