Kai Chi Do was ROCKIN’!

How was Kai Chi Do at the St. Petersburg Yoga Festival?  AWESOME!  Check it out:

My friend Kate saw a preview of this little video while I was making it.  She said, “All the people are so beautiful!”

And I said, “People are beautiful when they’re happy.”

Love the music?  It’s “Story of Ohm” by Paniq
Shared under Creative Commons copyright CC-BY-SA

The Kai Chi Do Weekend Retreat is November 11-13th, and there’s still a few openings.
Uplift your consciousness.  Join us!


How to do Kai Chi Do: The Basics Part 1

Kai Chi Do is meditation in movement, a kind of aerobic yoga – helping you to connect with yourself, your Source, and others.

In this video, Charles Robinson leads you in some of the Kai Chi Do Basics. He introduces the powerful SA breath to help calm your mind and release resistance, and a few of the basic movements of Kai Chi Do: Chi Circles facing the Earth, Chi Circles facing the sky, Crossovers, Side Strikes, and Thrusts.

The music is “Sacred – Horns and Flutes” by The Beastmaster.

Give it a try and see how you feel! Free the Chi!