Blessings are written in the stars

“I love you.
I love me.
I love us and them together.”
— Rob Brezsny, lyrics “World Kiss”


Okay. I confess:  I love Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Horoscopes.  I don’t believe in astrology – in fact, I don’t believe in any philosophy that says I’m determined by an outside force – but I just like this guy’s perspective.  And his writing tickles me.  He calls himself a “televisionary.”  Cute, huh?

Here’s part of his weekly message for Scorpios (my sign):

“If you hope to seize even one of the multiple opportunities that are swirling in your vicinity, you will need both supreme focus and a  loosey-goosey willingness to respond to novelty. So don’t tense up and blank out and try to wrestle the mysterious flows into submission. Use your sixth sense to find the groove, and relax into it.”

Right on, Rob!  Combine focus and loosey-goosey relaxation.  Got it!

For more of Rob’s unique point of view, check out his book, Pronoia is the Antidote to Paranoia: How the Whole World is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings. He’s been revising and updating the original version, adding even more uplifting, and often surprising, facts about our human experience.

ps – Rob’s horoscope for Aries this week (Charles’ sign) suggested Aries should quit binge drinking and “try to find a more constructive approach to liberation.”  That cracks me up!!  (If you are a new reader and don’t know Charles, I can only explain the hilarity by saying – the last time Charles did any binge drinking was when he was six years old and broke into the crock of homemade eggnog his grandmother had buried in the snow.)

What’s your sign?

Photo by Delphine Devos, Flickr Creative Commons, Attribution 2.0