7 Minute Chi Workout with Friends and Seagulls

Here’s some raw footage from our sunrise Kai Chi Do on New Years Day.  It makes a great 7 minute workout.  I couldn’t help myself – I just leaped outta my chair and started rockin’ the Chi.  Maybe it’ll have the same effect on you.  The music is great!  The first segment is “aum nama shivaya” by Wizard of ozO, and the second is “Choir Assembled” by Danilo Mazzeo.  Both are available on www.jamendo.com and shared under a Creative Commons By-NC-SA license, so feel free to Share Alike!  Remember to breathe!

Many Blessings!


Get Some Love Beats

This little workout is guaranteed to shake awake the bacon in 2.5 minutes or less.  It’s just Kai Chi Do and some Love Beats with Charles, JoJo, and TinaT.  I can’t help it – The happy vibe they’ve got goin’ on just makes me want to join ’em!

The music is darix togni by Digi G’Alessio on www.freemusicarchive.org and generously shared under a Creative Commons License (Bless you, Digi).

Feel the Chi?


Kai Chi Do Warm Up

Kai Chi Do is not something you watch.  It’s something you DO!   So we created a little warm up video.  Get up outta your chair and give it a try!  Pretend it’s your own little Wii Fit.  Get the energy flowing, and learn some of the basic movements and breaths of Kai Chi Do.

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I came late to the Kai Chi Do party.  Charles was doing Kai Chi Do for decades before I got involved.  I enjoyed watching!  But I was afraid to try it.  I was afraid of exercise.

I was the kid who was the last one picked for teams in phys ed.   And, as a matter of fact, I skipped phys ed for the last two years I spent in high school.

When I was a teenager, my big exercise was walking.  I walked everywhere because I left home before I was old enough to get a driver’s license.  I sometimes rode a bicycle – because it was faster than walking.  And I enjoyed dancing (although dancing in public music venues was a little bit like high school – The singer in our favorite band nicknamed me “The Worm”.)

Once I got a driver’s license, all those big muscle groups started to, well, soften.  (They weren’t exactly firm to begin with). I prided myself on fine motor coordination skills – the little movements that take place mostly in your eyes and the tips of your fingers.  Exercise was too much like work.

Once I finally got up the courage to give Kai Chi Do a try, it was work!  I had to learn how to pace myself, so that I could enjoy Kai Chi Do without feeling strained.  Once I did that, it was a turning point.  That’s when I got hooked.

I have to admit that I’m still not fond of exercise – although I think there’s a lot of truth to “use it or lose it” when it comes to our bodies and my body feels a little tighter and more contracted if I miss a week of Kai Chi Do.  But it’s not the physical benefits that keep me doing Kai Chi Do.

I don’t do it for my heart or my lungs or my strength or circulation.  I do Kai Chi Do because I like what it does to my head.

My mind gets quiet and calm.  It lets me release thoughts that are causing me stress or pain and discover what’s left when those are gone.  (Do you know what’s left when those are gone?) It’s an altered state of consciousness for me, a shift in perspective that feels pure – without contradiction.  It feels open to receive.

Kai Chi Do is a tool for us.  It’s one of many that we use to follow a certain path in our lives.  A spiritual path – one that keeps us grounded and in Spirit at the same time.  A path of relationships.  We were on that path together long before I ever did Kai Chi Do.   The path is a feeling that we call Connection.

And that’s why I do Kai Chi Do.  Because it gives me that feeling.

Why do you do Kai Chi Do?  Use the comments link and please tell us:  How does it make you feel?

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