Meet the Instructor: Tarpon Springs, Florida

kai chi do instructor theresa sargent

Theresa Sargent, Certified Kai Chi Do Instructor

Theresa Sargent is one of our newest certified Kai Chi Do Instructors.  She is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki master and polarity therapist. Since studying holistic massage in 2004, Theresa has always had an interest in the mind, body and spirit connection, and alternative styles of healing.  What led her to become a Kai Chi Do Instructor?

I was introduced to Kai Chi Do in 2010, when I started working with Charles at ATI Wellness.  Doing Kai Chi Do at beaches and parks was part of my job description.  I thought I’d won the lottery!  As I started participating in the movement and the breath, watching and feeling beautiful healing take place, it was the beginning of understanding the concept of One movement, One breath, One community.  I knew I wanted to learn more.

I was looking for a new level of healing work, something my heart and spirit desired.  Funny, I didn’t intend on leading classes, I wanted it for my own personal growth.  I laugh at the conversation I remember having with Charles, “I don’t see myself having my own  Kai Chi Do circles, I’m just wanting to grow as a practitioner, and I think this will really help.”  And at some point in the months after my training, Divine Wisdom had different plans for me…it was as if the inner teacher stepped forward, knowing I could help share this work with so many other people.

I love the Freedom I feel when doing Kai Chi Do,  dancing and connecting, without a care in the world. It’s such an amazing feeling when your walls and barriers dissolve, and just pure breath brings you into the here and now.  Kai Chi Do gives a beautiful connection to so many of us.  We come together with many different stories, but we don’t know anything about each other’s stories.  We don’t have to know the stories.  What we do know is our dance, our energy, the warmth in our hands and the love in our hearts.   It builds community, that’s what I love about Kai Chi Do.

Theresa facilitates compassionate, beautiful heart connections with others.  She believes healing comes from within and everyone has the power to heal.  Sometimes we just need to be reminded or shown what balance and relaxation feels like.  Whether it’s holding a Kai Chi Do group, providing an individual session, or just connecting one-on-one, Theresa is dedicated to helping others reclaim their inner healer.

Theresa holds Kai Chi Do groups at Bliss Empowerment Center, in Palm Harbor. She’s also offering Kai Chi Do workshops at Yoga studios and spiritual centers throughout Pinellas and Pasco County.

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