Balance giving and receiving

“Our body is always talking to us, if we only take the time to listen.” — Louise Hay

This week, Charles was very aware of the need to balance giving and receiving.

It started with some congestion in his right ear that had him feeling a little off balance. His right shoulder felt a bit tight.

What we’ve learned over the years is that the right side of the body represents the projective or giving of energy, and the left side  of the body represents receiving.  So when we get symptoms, we looks to decipher the clues. And we like to nip them in the bud – reverse any little problems – before they get big.

Now let me just say, when we say we “decipher the clues”, we’re not talking about putting ourselves through brief psychoanalysis. We just start listening more closely to our body – not for the purpose of blaming ourselves (or anyone else) for our pain – We’re just raising our awareness of the message in our body.

The message is part feeling or emotion, and part symbol.

Louise Hay is a great teacher of the body’s symbols. Her work is particularly credible because she healed herself of cancer.  She believes that physical illness is a result of mental thought patterns and destructive emotions that suppress the natural state of well-being. Health is restored by changing the thought, raising your consciousness, and allowing the power of the universe to flow freely again. Louise Hay says that the basis for all health is loving yourself.

So how do you interpret your body’s messages?  Well, for example, ever had a pain in the neck?  What do you think that might symbolize?

This week, Charles’ body was sending him ear and shoulder messages.

Ears are about listening.  Right side is about giving – so the right ear is about giving listening. Shoulders are about what we carry.  Right shoulder – giving carry – or, said another way, carrying too much for others.

We like to think about giving and receiving as a continuous circuit – life flowing out and in, like the breath – exhale and inhale connected and in perfect balance.

When Charles starting listening to the right side of his body, he realized that he’d been so focused on listening to the needs of others and giving energy that he forgot to be receptive – to complete the circuit.

The awareness of the message – call it his “near ear experience” – was enough to release the resistance (that was showing up as symptoms), and change the pattern.

Today in Kai Chi Do, Charles deliberately opened himself to receiving energy from the group.  Balancing giving and receiving.  Letting everyone carry themselves.

You’ll be happy to know that his sweet ear is much better.  And his shoulder is flexible and relaxed again.

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