Meet the Instructor Pennsylvania: Kim Rau

Kim photo

Kim Rau, Certified Kai Chi Do Instructor, Pennsylvania

Just had to introduce you to Kim Rau, Certified Kai Chi Do instructor, who flew in last weekend to join us for a refresher at the Instructor Training, finally giving us a chance to snap a photo of her.

Kim is warm and down to Earth, caring and smart, incredibly busy and FUN!  See that bright twinkle in her eyes?  She’s got an easy laugh that matches that twinkle perfectly!  Some people just know how to play.  Check it out – I got this email from Kim about a month ago.

I just want to share with you a delightful night I had last night, I am still smiling, We had  spontaneous Kai Chi Do.

I went to a tribal dance for Spring, Never been to one, did not know what I was getting into. (My quest right now is to experience as much new music as possible).  I did go with flyer in hand. Anyhow, there were 5 of us there – I explain Kai Chi Do, this happens to be a cowork place during the day and they are looking to do holistic events in the evening.  I did not have my ipod with me so I was trying to show them the Kai Chi Do website on my iphone.  Next thing I knew they had a projector on the wall and I was showing them your videos, and then everyone is up doing Kai Chi Do with you and Charles.  It was so spontaneous and so beautiful. I will be teaching Kai Chi Do there.  I just can’t stop smiling, it is amazing how life flows when you let it.  Thank you both for being a part of my life, I love the ripple effect that I am seeing.

If you’re looking for Kai Chi Do in Pennsylvania, just click to Contact Us and we’ll get your message to Kim.

Thank you, Kim, for all the joy you bring!