Breathwork with Charles

by Susan Robinson on October 6, 2015

“Breath is the bridge which connects Life to consciousness,
which unites your body to your thoughts.”
— Thich Nhat Hahn

Breathwork SolTerra

Photo by Tess Avramidis: Charles Robinson leading meditation at SolTerra

The 10 Session Breathwork program with Charles started last week at SolTerra in Palm Harbor, Florida. And it is transformative!  The Breathwork program helps you experience the benefits of using the breath and guided imagery meditation to reduce stress and resistance which arise in response to day-to-day obstacles and demands.

Two Saturdays a month from 2-5 pm, from October 2015 through February 2016.  (Three Saturdays in January). The fee for each participant is $45 per session.

Feel free to attend any one or more of the sessions – you don’t need to sign up for all 10. Each week explores a specific emotional response and how to use breathing combined with guided suggestions to facilitate relief.

SolTerra Wellness is offering CEUs to licensed massage therapists for this program. 3 CEUs per session.

Teaching Schedule
1) Embracing the Breath (Coming into the world) (Reducing Fear) October 3, 2015
2) Finding Connection with the Inner Teacher (Reducing Guilt) October 17, 2015
3) The seven gates of Liberation (Chakra System) (Reducing Existential Angst) November 7, 2015
4) Embracing the mother (making peace with our female nature) (Allowing and receiving life) November 21, 2015
5)Embracing the father (making peace with our male nature) (Projecting our life purpose) December 5, 2015
6) The Breath within the Breath (Inside the Mind-Body relationship) (Reducing Anxiety) December 19, 2015
7) Confidence in our Breath (Reducing Struggle) January 2, 2016
8) Messages from the Elders (Family Teachings) (Redefining our history) January 16, 2016
9) Finding the Authentic Self (Self-Soothing Techniques) January 30, 2016
10) Resolutions (Integration and review of Basic Principles) February 13, 2016

Recommended Course Reading:
Beyond the Brain: Birth, Death, and Transcendence in Psychotherapy by Stanislav Grof
Celebration of Breath: How to Survive Anything and Heal Your Body by Sondra Ray
Rebirthing in the New Age by Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray
Perfect Health: The Complete Mind/Body Guide by Deepak Chopra MD

Pay by cash or credit card at the door (we accept credit cards via our Paypal swipe gadget).
Or pay in advance via this Breathwork Paypal Link (enter the number of weeks you plan to attend).
Please review and sign our Breathwork Waiver and Release.


One Day Retreat: St Petersburg Sept 26

by Susan Robinson on August 12, 2015

Join us for a One Day Retreat with Charles Robinson
Saturday September 26th in St Petersburg, Florida

September_2015_pngClick the link to buy your tickets now

Please sign and fax to us the Agreements for the Kai Chi Do One Day Retreat, or sign them at the door on the day of the Retreat.
Fax # 1-800-272-4311

Looking forward to seeing you there!


After Kai Chi Do

by Susan Robinson on July 22, 2015

I said to Mark, “You see beauty everywhere!”
And he said, “There is beauty everywhere!”


Kai Chi Do Seva Sunday

by Susan Robinson on May 4, 2015

2014-12-26_2039_001Each Sunday for the past many years, Charles offers Kai Chi Do class, open to the public.  He calls it Seva Sunday.  While we are enjoying this beautiful Spring weather here in Florida, the class location is Sunset Beach in Tarpon Springs @ 9:30am (we gather at 9:30am and Kai Chi Do begins at 10am). After class yesterday, Mark Marano wrote this inspiring post on Facebook about his experience:

What a beautiful experience today during and after Kai Chi Do! Thank you Charles and everyone who was there! When Charles went around asking each of us to state our intention, I said peace and awakening.

On the way home today, unexpectedly, this struck me as I was driving. All of a sudden, I noticed the beauty of the trees and landscape out to my left as I was driving. I seemed to notice more details perhaps, or I was just more in tune with everything there. It felt very calm and peaceful. It was as if I were struck with awe. It was almost like time had slowed down yet it was really just me slowing down, and naturally relaxing into the moment. The mind was quiet or I was out of the mind. I was experiencing the world from a higher place, yet I was grounded and fully coherent in driving.

When stopped at a light, it seemed as if there were complete silence in that moment. I’d usually hear noise in the distance, though that had completely faded away. Once again, I had discovered the presence, the here and now. The silence of the presence had become ‘louder’ than the noise of the environment. Or just being more deeply connected to the presence, that silence manifested in the external world.

There is nothing more amazing than being in the present moment, especially being completely in the present moment without the chaos of the mind or ego. The world truly is beautiful. It’s just how we’re looking at it, and filtering it through the mind/ego, that prevents the true experience of what is. Know that life and the world are beautiful and you will begin to experience it as such, or you will embark upon your own journey that will bring you that perspective.

Earth will become truly amazing as more and more of us continue to awaken to higher levels of consciousness. Just imagine how beautiful our experience here will be when we are all fully awakened. It’s not that far off in the future. We’re getting closer and closer every day!

Choose love, peace, and awakening. Your world will transform around you.

Thank you, Mark!  Thank you so much for bringing your open heart to this world.

Many Blessings!


The Math of Useful Beliefs

by Susan Robinson on March 4, 2015

When our daughter was little and learning basic math, she used a variety of devices to represent the quantities associated with numbers.  She used objects, an abacus, and tapping her pencil to count.

Her grandmother was delighted when our little girl finally settled on using her fingers as counting aids.  When I asked Grandma why, she smiled, wiggled her fingers in the air, and said, “Her fingers are always available.”

Useful beliefs are a lot like using your fingers as counting aids.  They are always available.  They keep you self-reliant, because you don’t need anyone else’s help to be able to use them.  They don’t require any special technical skills.  You can take them for granted and only pull them out when you need them.

You might ask, “Isn’t there some objective truth?  You can’t argue facts.”

Often times we don’t know all the facts.  We may have limited information.  Most things are open to interpretation.  We respond primarily to our particular view of the facts, rather than to the facts themselves.  We respond to the meaning that the events or facts hold for us. Sometimes, you have to look at facts in context of the bigger picture.

Abraham-Hicks uses a charming analogy to illustrate this point:  If men broke into your home with axes and hoses and broke up your furniture and flooded the interior of your home with water, you’d be outraged.  Unless those were firemen saving your home from flames.

A useful belief is a thought that feels better.  But don’t go looking for somebody else to do the math for you.  Dogma is blind belief, adopting a system of beliefs prescribed by someone else.

Beliefs are only useful when they are true to you, and when they feel good to you.   You can learn from other people but ultimately you decide.  You just have to ask yourself: does this thought feel good?  And if the answer is no, reach for another point of view.  A single thought can make all the difference.