One Day Retreat: Miami April 12th

by Susan Robinson on March 4, 2014

We hope you can join us for an energizing and uplifting One Day Retreat with Charles Robinson in Miami on April 12, 2014.April 12 final flyer jpg resized

And stay to Party after the Retreat with Club Divine!

Please sign and fax to us the Agreements for the Kai Chi Do One Day Retreat, or sign them at the door on the day of the Retreat.


Thoughts are Energy Gates

by Susan Robinson on March 3, 2014

Thoughts are energy gates.

I’ve been thinking about my thinking. Unlike Charles, whose vitality rivals the energizer bunny, I’ve been feeling tired lately.  When I think about it, I’ve been tired for a couple of years. I take nutritional supplements.  My eating habits, which were always pretty good, are even more simple.  I enjoy silence immensely.  I get plenty of sleep.  And I’m still tired.  The doctor says I’m healthy.  Okay — I should probably get more exercise but like I said, I’ve been tired!  And ridiculously busy. So for now, walking the dogs is my “workout” – Toby marching beside me and Zoie reluctantly following behind.  And sleeping in on Sunday morning is the big self indulgence I allow myself on the Sundays when the kids don’t have me booked with things they need me to do. Which is rare.

So I’m tired.  And aside from the fact that I like feeling energized, I need every edge I can get because I frankly have too much to do and too little time to do it in. Which is why my blogging has slowed to a trickle:  competing demands.  I’m falling behind on emails.  Projects are taking way longer than expected.  Even routine tasks seem to go haywire and my mood on too many days ranges from frustrated and cranky to sad. I really don’t think I can blame that on Mercury’s months in retrograde or the Feng Shui of my room.

So I’m thinking about my thinking.

I wrote here about how I noticed my thinking affecting my energy level during Kai Chi Do.  It was almost comical, like parlor tricks.  My thoughts were like gates for my energy. Worry, sad, angry thinking — body feels so heavy I can barely move my arms.  Let all of that go for a minute and focus on the breath, the music, the beauty — my arms feel light and the movements are easy.  Worry again, heavy again. Present again, light again. Parlor tricks. And even though I saw it clear as day in Kai Chi Do, I hadn’t really given much attention to how these mental gates were operating in my everyday — well, you know — life.  Gates.  Do they swing open or closed? Are they barriers or passageways?

It’s not easy to change your thinking—until it is.  I mean when you finally do it, you wonder why you held onto the hard way for so long.

I worry. Charles doesn’t worry.  Perhaps he doesn’t have to worry because I do that for both of us, or perhaps there’s really nothing to worry about.  At any rate, worrying doesn’t seem to actually help anything. It used to be that anxiety could motivate me.  I think I exceeded that threshold somewhere around 1995.  Yes I think it was ’95. The year I left an extremely stressful job that I had been pouring my heart into.  Or maybe it was ’96, the year Shanti was born.  Does worrying go into overdrive when you have a kid?  I think even Charles worried for a moment or two when Shanti was born, but it quickly melted into his faith.  Faith in a benevolent universe.  Faith in her.  Faith in us.

So today I’ve just been trying to find a better-feeling thought.  And the revelation and relief I was hoping for came in the form of three words:  I don’t know.

I don’t know how to get the wild duck off the aluminum patio roof where it has been making a racket every night and keeping me awake.  I don’t know why the chicken (no relation to the duck) didn’t cook after two hours even though the oven feels warm and the light said the temperature in the oven is 325 degrees (is this some kind of magic chicken?  Sigh.  I don’t know.) I don’t know how to stay serenely relaxed and stop gripping the door handle while teaching our daughter how to drive. I don’t know how to find the time to give my friends the attention they deserve.  And I certainly don’t know how to do my taxes.

“I don’t know” is today’s better-feeling thought. An open gate and my energy lifted. I may have to find a different relief thought tomorrow, but this is a good one for now.  Do you think that not knowing is a kind of faith — that things will be okay without our heroic efforts?

I don’t know.


Celebrate the New Year with Club Divine and Kai Chi Do

by Susan Robinson on December 26, 2013

Join us to celebrate the New Year!

January 3rd, 2014  Blissing out 7pm to Midnight
Club Divine and Kai Chi Do

Celebrate the New Year with Club Divine and Kai Chi Do

 Click to purchase tickets

Looking forward to seeing you there!  Blessings!



Kai Chi Do with Club Divine

by Susan Robinson on October 28, 2013

Kai Chi Do with Club Divine

Imagine doing Kai Chi Do in a club-like atmosphere where there’s strong intention for consciousness raising.  A spirit-infused party with altars, sacred geometry, healers, live artists, performances and DJs playing high energy positive music.  That’s Club Divine’s Tazdeen “Taz” Rashid teamed up with Charles Robinson and Kai Chi Do, and just for a bigger blast, they’re joined by hip hop kirtan artist Srikala.  And yes, I did say hip hop kirtan.  Holy wow!

Join Charles, Taz and Srikala for the party at Club Divine:

CLEARWATER on Friday, November 1st from 7pm to midnight at the Unitarian Universalist Church 2470 Nursery Road.  Tickets are $20 in advance. $25 at the door.

MIAMI  on Saturday, November 9th from 1pm to 3pm as part of the Sound Healing events at the Friends of Nature festival at beautiful Virginia Key Beach Park. One Day Saturday pass for all the festival activities $45.

NAPLES  on Saturday, November 9th from 8pm to midnight at House of Gaia 1660 Trade Center Way in Naples.  $15 in advance. $20 at the door.

Looking for more Club Divine?  Taz and Srikala will also be kicking up stardust with Club Divine in Eustis, Hallendale, and Coconut Grove during their Florida tour.  No Kai Chi Do at those locations but check it out anyway.  You’ll have a great time and meet some amazing people.


One Day Retreat October 19th 2013

by Susan Robinson on September 22, 2013

Kai Chi Do, Breathwork, Lecture, and Discussion

One Day Retreat/ The First Element: Root

One Day Retreat October 19th 2013Saturday, October 19th, 2013
9am – 5pm
Bring your own lunch
Bring a yoga mat and pillow

Root represents our Connection to Life Energy, or Source.  This Connection creates safety and security as we navigate our physical world.  Our Root Connection establishes stability and balance. Root grounds us in the present moment, helping us to release our attachments to the past and worries about the future. (What a relief!)

In Kai Chi Do we experience Oneness through connection to the Divine Life Energy that flows in all of us, through appreciation of the Self that is the unique individual manifestation of Life, and through connection with one another, the experience of authentic community.   

We hope you’ll join us!

Unity of St. Petersburg
Fellowship Center
6168 1st Ave. N.
St. Petersburg  FL 33710

Program fee: $100
Complete the Retreat registration form and fax to us at 800-272-4311
Click “Add to Cart” button to make payment.

Spread the word:  Use the “Share the Love” links below or download a flyer.

Root Chakra image © JKerrigan at Dreamstime