Let Yourself Be Light

Let your Light shine!

It’s near impossible to hold onto mental junk and do Kai Chi Do at the same time.  If you think about your worries and fears and conflicts while you do Kai Chi Do, your arms and legs literally feel heavy.  Your body feels resistant and hard to move, like it just isn’t getting any juice.

And when you finally let go of your thinking and just be present – in the breath and the movement – your body feels lighter.  Your muscles feel energized and light, and your mind feels clear.  But Kai Chi Do isn’t just about feeling light for an hour or two; it’s about being Light.

We believe Light is who we really are.

In physical terms it is the Life Energy that is within all of us and permeates everything. In mental terms, we think of it as the deep level of awareness where we are all connected and there is only One of us. In spiritual terms, it is the Divine, the infinite Source, a place within us that outshines the sun.

The Light is always there, always available. It can’t be damaged or broken, but too often we forget about it, stifle and resist it.  The Light fills you when you relax your attachment to your pain.  We don’t have to control the world – we only have to trust the Light.

Hikari logo brush calligraphy by Carmen Harada.
Hikari is the Japanese symbol for “Light”.  It also means “to shine.”


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