Releasing Resistance – The Ball

The BallStruggle and pain is like a rubber ball that you’re holding under water. The rubber ball represents our true Self.  The pressure of you holding the ball down is your resistance.  As you let go of the resistance, the true Self bounces to the surface.

Once your true Self is at the surface, you move into a state of Awareness.  You let go of control, and you allow your true Self to come to the surface, and suddenly you have an expanded view — A broad open spacious Awareness.

Once you have Awareness, you have access to Understanding — You have a new perspective on the details of whatever has been troubling you, whatever was evoking your resistance.  Understanding brings clarity.

Once you have Understanding, you have access to Compassion – kindness and patience towards yourself and towards others. You begin to make decisions that are more fluid, more responsive, more gentle, rather than just trying to bully and push your way through towards what you want.

Once you feel Compassion, you have access to Love.  You live from a pure state of Being and you become an environment that evokes Love.  When you are in that state, stuff just works.  Life, running smooth.  You’re creative, designing, celebrating, collaborating.  Love is Magic Time.

Release resistance and you have access to Awareness.

Awareness gives you access to Understanding.

Understanding gives you access to Compassion.

Compassion gives you access to Love.

And Love gives you the real magic of Life.

3 thoughts on “Releasing Resistance – The Ball

  1. Biana

    Wow, this is a timeless message. These words, their wisdom, so healing. Thank you for reminding us of the path to the Free Spirit Way.

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