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Gratitude in a halo

A while back Charles and I were going through a tough financial time – the kind of time where you sweat the mortgage and dread the credit card statement. I can still remember the feeling of constant anxiety. And right in the midst of that, I woke one morning with a strange smile and a […]

Time management

“Only through time, time is conquered.” – T.S. Eliot I live my life as if my time is limited. You can only do so many things, fit so many things, into a day, a month, a lifetime.  Everything takes time. I have no energy to spare on thoughts that pull me down. That’s time management. […]

Writing Life with a Typewriter

“Perfection is my enemy.” — Francesca Battistelli Charles sent me this ESPN video because I wrestle with writing, trying to get the writing to match what I intend, what I want to communicate.  Trying to get it “perfect,” so to speak. The most obvious problem with perfection is that it’s always out of reach.  There’s […]