Author: Susan Robinson

Heart of the Work

For nearly 20 years Charles Robinson taught Kai Chi Do exercise classes in the community and in therapeutic settings. Those one hour workouts integrated movement, music, breath work, and meditation, and communities developed around them. People who practiced Kai Chi Do regularly found it transformative. But Kai Chi Do was always more than a one […]

The Math of Useful Beliefs

When our daughter was little and learning basic math, she used a variety of devices to represent the quantities associated with numbers.  She used objects, an abacus, and tapping her pencil to count. Her grandmother was delighted when our little girl finally settled on using her fingers as counting aids.  When I asked Grandma why, […]

Gratitude in a halo

A while back Charles and I were going through a tough financial time – the kind of time where you sweat the mortgage and dread the credit card statement. I can still remember the feeling of constant anxiety. And right in the midst of that, I woke one morning with a strange smile and a […]