One Truth Many Paths

“My religion is very simple.
My religion is kindness”.
—–  Dalai Lama

We have a dear friend whose wife is concerned that Kai Chi Do is an Eastern practice that takes him away from Christianity.  And just the other day I read a newspaper article about a Karate school that took “all the Buddhism and Eastern philosophies out and put Christianity in”.

We think this is just sad.  In both of these situations, Christianity and Eastern philosophies are being polarized – as if they are opposed to one another – as if one is good and the other is bad, one is right and the other is wrong.

What we believe is that the Source of who we are includes everybody and every thing.  We believe that Christianity is a religion of love, not dogma.  And love is great, wherever you find it.  We believe that there’s only One Truth, that is expressed in a myriad of beautiful ways in many different religions.  We believe that we are One thing.

Kai Chi Do is a celebration of inclusion.  It’s a celebration of our connection to Source, Self, and to one another.

It’s not a religion.

Our friend has a deep love for Christ and he’s been a martial artist for decades.  He sees how Eastern and Western philosophies complement and enhance one another, and he loves Kai Chi Do.

So how can he resolve his wife’s fears about his “Eastern” beliefs?

We advised him to put his relationship with his wife first.  No belief or practice or religion is more important than his marriage.

Then, we suggested he find their common ground.  Find what they agree on – like the One Truth that runs throughout the different religions.

When it seems hard to find something you agree about, it’s because you’re still focused on your differences.  Start simple.  For example, they can agree that they both want their marriage to work, they both want to feel respected, they both want support to pursue their interests.

Our friend and his wife both want to be right.  And they both are.

It means having the courage to talk it through, to find the points of agreement, and build on those.    What are the specific parts of Kai Chi Do that they both agree on?  Maybe she can agree that it’s great exercise.  Maybe she can agree that it’s a nice place to meet interesting people.  Maybe they can agree that the meditations are really prayers.

Sometimes, the differences really are only semantic.

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    I Believe in this as well as i have always done cause when i meditate i am Praying. I also agree communication is very important in a marriage so both stay true to each other-dealing with reality not illusion. Thanks for this write up,
    Sensi Al Mckay


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