Calling the Rain!

A Message from Angel Davis

Hello to my beautiful Kai Chi Do family!

I would like to ask a favor. Could you please add an intention to call upon the rain to shower the fires in Florida and all other active fires in different states during your Kai Chi Do circles or do a personal guided Rain Dance?

At first I searched for Sacred Rain Dance songs to make a playlist to send out to all but then it was clear to me to let each person listen to their inner guidance and do what felt right from their heart and this sharing would unite and be sent out with love. Perhaps we could also share this intention with friends as well on this quest. I have added some Rain Dance songs to my playlist and will continue to hold the vision of the rain showering the Earth where needed and hope to encourage others to do the same as well.

PilaMaya — (Thank You)

Blessings of Love and Peace to all of you in all moments from my Heart to yours!

Love Beyond Measure


Kai Chi Do with the Chicago Police Youth Summer Program

Instructor Francine Brown brought Kai Chi Do to the Chicago Neighborhood Youth Corp, a Chicago Police Department Summer Youth Program, and the results were amazing.  The Youth Corp is designed to break down barriers and encourage trust, build community, and inspire service.  Those goals are in perfect harmony with the purpose of Kai Chi Do – to help people to experience the feeling of Connection, to Source, Self, and others.

I think participant Shavell Franklin said it best when she described the value of the Youth Program, “It unites us and that’s what our city needs the most.”

We are so proud that Kai Chi Do was a part of this program!  Thank you, Francine!

Take a look!

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Kai Chi Do was ROCKIN’!

How was Kai Chi Do at the St. Petersburg Yoga Festival?  AWESOME!  Check it out:

My friend Kate saw a preview of this little video while I was making it.  She said, “All the people are so beautiful!”

And I said, “People are beautiful when they’re happy.”

Love the music?  It’s “Story of Ohm” by Paniq
Shared under Creative Commons copyright CC-BY-SA

The Kai Chi Do Weekend Retreat is November 11-13th, and there’s still a few openings.
Uplift your consciousness.  Join us!


Five Minute Centering Meditation

Five Minute Centering Meditation

Remember to breathe.
Just feel the movement of Life through your body.  Inhale and then Aaahh…Inhale…
Life Energy moving through the body as we connect as a community.
This is the coming together of community.  The joining of hands.
The coming into harmony with each other in the moment.
As we reach out to each other, we reach out to aspects of our Self.
We open our mind.  We open our heart.  To the beauty of this moment.
Everyone breathe deeply.  Inhale. And then Aaahh…
Let’s get past the illusion – the illusion of separateness.
Inhale. And then exhale.
Energy moving through the system.
Inhale. And then Aaahh…
Feel that connection of Life Energy, of Chi.
The environment responds to us as we relax – into the environment of love, of compassion, of unity.
Everyone Inhale.  And then exhale, Aaahh…
Feel Life moving all around you.  Celebrating Life.
The connection with each other – with deeper aspects of ourself.
Everyone breathe deeply.
Feel that movement of Life through your body, through your mind.  Inhale…Exhale.
Energy moving through the system.
Coming into your Center, into your Core. Pushing out.
Inhale.  Take a deep breath in, pulling that breath deep into your Center.
Feel the movement of Life, the movement of Chi.
Connecting with your Center, as we create a good balance between our Self and the world around us.
Inhale…and then Exhale.
This is holding Center as the world goes round.
Holding Center as the world goes round.
Staying in our Center as the Earth spins. Staying in our Peace as the Earth spins.
Everyone Inhale, and then Exhale. Staying in our Center as the world turns around.
Now coming into your Center, take a deep breath.  Inhale. And then Aaahh…
Releasing all resistance, all struggle, all fear, all doubt, all worry. Just let it go.
Inhale.  And Exhale.
Now bring it into your Core, into your Center.
Take a deep breath. Inhale…And then Aaaahh…
Energy going in.
Reaching out, and let’s rise that Energy up…
and then bring it back down.
You’re going to feel the Energy moving through your body as you breathe.
And then let’s hear those Exhales.  Aaahhh…
Keep relaxing into it.
And then Aaahhh…
Keep releasing resistance.
Just relax.
Coming into your Center, into your heart Center.
Take a deep breath and then Aaahhh…
Just relaxing into a quiet place inside yourself, inside your heart.
Take a deep breath in again. And then Aaahhh….

The music is Locked on the Inside by Celtic Chill on


Kai Chi Do Weekend Retreat: July 15-17th, 2011

We’ve got another Kai Chi Do Weekend Retreat scheduled – for July 15, 16, 17th and we’d love for you to join us.  It’s a place to let go of all the noise that’s pulls you out of alignment with your Self.  The Retreat experience quiets your mind, energizes your body, and blends them both with your Spirit.  Read more here.

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