Chakra Meditation: Music by Tazdeen Rashid & Meditation by Charles Robinson

Taz and Chaz put together this meditation in support of Chakra Sorbet, the sublime flavors creation of friend and fellow traveler Eric Stein, with tastes like  Raspberry-Cayenne and Ginger-lemonade.  Certainly spins my Energy wheels!  After all, our senses deserve enlightening too, don’t you think?  Listen with you whole body.  Just click the Guided Chakra Journey.



Kai Chi Do is Active Meditation.

In Active Meditation your body does the work of raising your mind to a higher plane.  You let movement and breath invite Life to flow in you.  And you expand to embrace it.

Here is a beautiful quickie.  An active meditation mix:  Music by Taz Rashid, Meditation by Charles Robinson.  Enjoy while your Spirit soars.  Taz calls this “The AM Flight“.


Active Meditation with Taz Rashid




“The next message you need
is always right where you are.”

— Ram Dass

Meditation is where you get out of incessant trying.  There is a part of us that is constantly trying.  Trying to accomplish something.  Trying to do this.  Trying to do that.  It’s exhausting.

Meditation is about getting into a state of allowing where you’re not pushing against anything.  We have very strong desires for things to be a certain way. But the only thing we really have control over is what we put our attention on, what we focus on.

Meditation, quieting the mind, positions us to make choices about where we want to put our attention, instead of just being pulled from one situation to the next and reacting.  Meditation helps people get into a state of awareness.  As your awareness increases, you have access to understanding.  But the first level is letting go of resistance, which is the trying to achieve this and that.

You may have heard of people who have huge insights or breakthroughs when they sleep, or when they’re just taking a walk in the park, or playing with their kids.  A scientist may have been working on a project for years and all of a sudden, when he’s sleeping or doing some mundane task, the crucial idea comes to him. For me, insights usually come when I’m in the shower, or driving alone in the car, or when I first wake up in the morning – when I’m just in that transitional state before my conscious mind kicks in.  The insights – the answers to a problem or question I have – come then because there’s nothing blocking them.  I’m not trying.  There’s no resistance. There’s nothing in the way of receiving.

Meditation can take you into that state of allowing, precious freedom from effort and trying.  What a relief!


Lotus by Tanaka Juuyoh

Our friend Melissa was telling us yesterday about her first deep meditation experience.  It happened at the Lotus Room in Tampa.

The instructor explained that suffering or stress, called dukkha in the Buddhist tradition, is like a river that winds and twists and will carry your mind along with it – unless you take your mind outside the stream.

I love the metaphor.

Dukkha is a central concept in Buddhism.  It means anything that is painful, temporary or conditional, anything subject to loss or craving.  A wonderful discussion of dukkha can be found in “The First Noble Truth: The Noble Truth of dukkha”, edited by John T. Bullitt. Access to Insight, May 26, 2010, (and it is part of a beautiful Anthology by John T. Bullitt called “The Path to Freedom: A Self-Guided Tour of the Buddha’s Teachings”.)

In meditation, you sit your mind quietly on the banks of the river.  From there you can see dukkha, instead of being caught in it, instead of being pulled and pushed along, grasping and struggling to stay afloat.   You cultivate the witness.

It’s a wonderful thing to get out of the river of struggle for a while, don’t you think?

You learn to identify and experience that part of yourself that is beyond the stress of craving and loss.  You experience the part of yourself that is eternal.  And you begin to integrate that peaceful part of yourself into your daily life.

Lotus photo by Tanaka Juuyoh on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0


Charles will be leading a healing Fire Meditation on December 18th.  Will you join us?

Fire is the third element in Kai Chi Do, and the fire that burns deep in the center of our beings has the potential of freeing us from physical and mental turmoil.

The Evening Fire Meditation is a mini-retreat, focused on identifying your personal anchors – the emotional and physical blocks that represent unresolved major life events – and beginning the process of reconciliation and release.

You know how powerful these events can be.  You supply the inner fire and Trail’s Nook will provide the bonfire!

Date:        Saturday, December 18, 2010
Time:        7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Place:        Odessa, FL
Fee:           $45
Contact us for information or to register.

It’s a great way to complete 2010 and find your creative power for the new year.