Meet the Instructor: St. Petersburg, Florida

Meet the Instructor: St. Petersburg, Florida, Tina Snook

Tina “Sweet T” Snook, Kai Chi Do Instructor
aka Tinkerball

St. Petersburg, Florida got a whole lot sweeter when Tina Snook moved here!  She’s a treasure.

For those of you who haven’t met Tina in person, her voice is the giggle and the cheering you hear in many of our Kai Chi Do videos.  It’s amazing how much she contributes to our Chi circles.  She’s warm and real.  Bright and passionate for life.  And when you’re with her, you get infused with that sparkle.  You feel lighter and brighter, and more alive.

So what does Tina have to say about Kai Chi Do?

Kai Chi Do is the most extraordinary (and easiest) thing I have ever participated in.

I always find myself tongue-tied when I try to explain what Kai Chi Do is to me.  Words like “coming home” and “joyful” and “free” and “completely present” and “singing out” and “standing so comfortably in the presence of my purist and truest self” come to mind, but fall short.

The best way to describe Kai Chi Do is like going to the most loving, emotional, joyous, wedding of your life, where you have danced all night with the people you love most in the world (and to the most exquisite soul pumping, heart piercing, music of your life). And much like after a great wedding, it is always a bit hard to leave the beach after Kai Chi Do!

Four years ago was the first time I experienced Kai Chi Do circle. What I have realized since that first circle is that, imperceptibly, I am feeling less anxious, more centered, more loving, more patient, more liberated, gentler with myself, more playful, and more connected.

Kai Chi Do has taught me to Breathe through the tight parts of each day, to soften my focus and to be present. I feel as though I have taken off a heavy coat and I feel truly Alive for the first time in decades.

I am incredibly Blessed and honored to be a part of this loving, growing, breathing, evolving Kai Chi Do community, and am filled to bursting with love and gratitude for the Robinson family for spreading this beautiful gift.

I am sending out a giant, joyous, love-filled, tail-wiggling OOH-Sah!

And I thank my lucky stars for this crazy lil’ thing called Kai Chi Do.


We love you, Tina!


Kai Chi Do Root

In Kai Chi Do, the Root Element uses self-healing touch to bring you into the present moment and begin the process of harmonizing Spirit and Body.

We’ve posted a 7 minute video on YouTube that will guide you.   Give it a try and see how you feel…


The next level is overrated.

Have you been striving so hard for the next level that you forgot to enjoy the present moment?

I just haven’t had much brain this week.  Coincidentally, I have been very happy – Randomly, inexplicably happy.

I have no good reason for it –  except for all the good that has always been there waiting for me to notice.  And this week, I gave up trying to reach my goals long enough to notice how good it is right now.  I mean – when I get to the next level, I’ll just be on to the next level after that, right?

This week, I was just happy enjoying the moment.

I had a nice fire going in the fireplace today, and I looked around the room, and felt the beauty of it, and felt the love of it.  The kind of home that I’ve always wanted –  I don’t mean the physical space (although I have always wanted a fireplace).  I mean the love in our home.

I mean that everything in this home is something that Charles and I created together – we brought nothing with us when we moved to Florida and even sold the car that we drove here. We wanted no souvenirs of the past.  Everything we have, we have together – The third of The Four Agreements we live by.

And Charles called while he was on the road today, and I told him I was afraid I might get unmotivated because I was so happy.  I was afraid that maybe I had to be a little miserable to want to move forward.  I was too content!  And then we both laughed.

Give us a shout and tell us: what’s good about your “level” now?

Photo: Crazy Staircase by Frank Kovalchek at Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0