What if the Universe is saying what you’re thinking?

"Healing" by Eddi van W.

Letting go of the belief that everything has to be controlled, for our survival,
is a major transformation.

Holding a clear intention without resistance – that’s when synchronicities happen.  You think about something and you get a call or a visit or it shows up on TV.  It’s like when you’re really close to someone and they say what you’re thinking.  Only in this case, you’re really close to the universe, and it’s “saying” what you’re thinking.

It’s happening all the time, but too often we don’t like the idea that what the universe is delivering is what we were thinking!

We don’t want to admit to ourselves that the experiences we are having match how we’ve been feeling (and not the other way around).   Or that the experiences match what we believe or what we’ve come to expect.  In essence, everything is right here, in this moment, but your attention is what brings it into being. Your attention brings it into your personal experience. You filter out the other stuff.

The pattern is so strong that it is not even conscious.  We have patterns of thought that we have been reinforcing for a very long period of time.  Because of that, they are on autopilot. You don’t have to do anything to activate them.  Even though you think you are looking at something objectively and seeing the bigger picture, there is still a part of your psyche that is invested in having it be the way it’s always been. When you listen to the conclusions you’ve come up with, the hidden assumptions, these are the beliefs that prevent you from having it be different. The mind is very powerful.  Whatever you say about something is what you are giving power to.

What are some of the benefits of changing your mind, instead of trying to change everything else?  You don’t have to do such heavy lifting!

Photo collage by Eddi van W. on Flickr, generously shared with CC-BY-ND 2.0


Kai Chi Do and your own truth

For life is a creative idea;
it can only find itself in changing forms.
Rabindranath Tagore


Where do you find your own truth?

Kai Chi Do is the free spirit way.  We don’t say, “you have to believe in this” or “you have to believe in that.” Our work, in essence, is to help people find their own inner guidance and to begin to trust that connection, and then from there, take action.

The first connection is with ourselves, to listen, to make decisions, to choose things that feel right to focus on.  All of that is so valuable in cultivating your relationship with yourself.  We see it as cultivation of a relationship with your own truth.

Great teachers have said there is no separation. We are all one and the same. That is the invitation for all of us.

If you think that your teacher or your God is outside of you, that’s where you enter into a parental relationship with the Divine.  And then you develop the myth of a personality.  You look for a personality to guide you or to be an outward expression of Divinity, to make decisions for you.

We believe that inner guidance comes from a very free place, a place that is true to each one of us, in each moment.

Synchronicities are evidence of our connection, but they also demonstrate how we have actually come into a place of cooperation with each other.  There’s an agreement that transcends intellectual understanding.   There’s a much deeper agreement that we all have with one another.  It transcends our loneliness.

When you experience the connection between all of us, you discover that you’re not alone. For me, that feels very comforting. It validates the heart.

Kai Chi Do is a way of practicing and being in that space of freedom where you can experience the purity of the message. To honor that connection to the Divine. And also honoring yourself.  Honoring the unique precious constellation of your own identity. And nourishing the heart.

Photo by a sea of red rabbits on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0


Synchronicity and The Elements

Recently, one of Charles’ clients had the insight that his environment, his experiences, are a reflection of his thinking.

It started with Kai Chi Do.

They were talking about the wind – how he had noticed that no matter how hot it was, or how still the air was, as soon as they went into the Water Element in Kai Chi Do, it seemed to cool down.

And – just in that moment – a huge gust of wind came and washed over them both.

And they laughed.

A gust of wind may not seem like much of a sign to some people.

But there’s a bigger principle here, and this guy got it!

Kai Chi Do gave him the experience of synchronicity.  And in that moment, he understood that sign on Charles’ door: “It’s not what’s coming at you.  It’s what’s coming from you.”

During Kai Chi Do, the signs come from Nature.  And people come to appreciate these subtle beauties –  An eagle that flies over us when we are meditating on freedom, dolphins swimming near  just as we finish our Kai Chi Do session, a dragonfly that landed on the tip of Charles’ fingers as he was doing prayer hands (wish I’d had the camera handy for that one!).

But the synchronicities are there –  in all the subtle and loud experiences of our daily life.

It’s not magic.  Watch carefully and even your logical mind will be humbled — We are all connected.