Kai Chi Do and your own truth

For life is a creative idea;
it can only find itself in changing forms.
Rabindranath Tagore


Where do you find your own truth?

Kai Chi Do is the free spirit way.  We don’t say, “you have to believe in this” or “you have to believe in that.” Our work, in essence, is to help people find their own inner guidance and to begin to trust that connection, and then from there, take action.

The first connection is with ourselves, to listen, to make decisions, to choose things that feel right to focus on.  All of that is so valuable in cultivating your relationship with yourself.  We see it as cultivation of a relationship with your own truth.

Great teachers have said there is no separation. We are all one and the same. That is the invitation for all of us.

If you think that your teacher or your God is outside of you, that’s where you enter into a parental relationship with the Divine.  And then you develop the myth of a personality.  You look for a personality to guide you or to be an outward expression of Divinity, to make decisions for you.

We believe that inner guidance comes from a very free place, a place that is true to each one of us, in each moment.

Synchronicities are evidence of our connection, but they also demonstrate how we have actually come into a place of cooperation with each other.  There’s an agreement that transcends intellectual understanding.   There’s a much deeper agreement that we all have with one another.  It transcends our loneliness.

When you experience the connection between all of us, you discover that you’re not alone. For me, that feels very comforting. It validates the heart.

Kai Chi Do is a way of practicing and being in that space of freedom where you can experience the purity of the message. To honor that connection to the Divine. And also honoring yourself.  Honoring the unique precious constellation of your own identity. And nourishing the heart.

Photo by a sea of red rabbits on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

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