Preaching the Chi

One of Charles’ great talents is his ability to meet people where they are, and translate concepts into a language they can understand.

After reading Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I used to tease Charles that he was a Babel fish (one of the many colorful characters in the Hitchhiker’s Guide – When worn in the ear, this fish can translate anything said to you, in any language).

So today, Charles was a Babel fish that was “channeling” his father – the Elder Charlie Stewart, primitive Baptist minister (that’s exactly what it says on his dad’s business card).  Today, Charles Robinson was the preacher man, Lord!   (Those primitive Baptists know how to have  a rockin’ good time while they’re praising God!)

Bringin’ in the Light. Can I get a witness?

From North to South.  Amen.

From East to West.  Hallelujah!

From Street Preacher to Chi Teacher!   Hallelujah!

(Wish I could have got it on video!)

Keep it Light!

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