Where kids see connection

I was talking to a friend today, who works as a Montessori teacher.  She’s not familiar with Kai Chi Do so I was explaining that Kai Chi Do  builds our feeling of connection.  And she said, I just have to tell you:

Last week I was sitting with a five year old boy and out of the blue he asked me, “Do you know how we’re all connected?”

I said, “No, tell me.”

This little boy, with one bright blue eye and one green eye, said to me, “The air that touches my skin touches your skin too.  You can’t see the air but it touches all of us.  It connects all of us.  It holds us together.  That’s how I’m connected with someone on the other side of the world.  The same air touches all of us!”

I laughed and said, “Where did you hear that?”

And he said, “My brother told me.”

(His brother is just 18 months older than he is!)

Sketch by Lucia Whittaker, on Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0


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