How can I be true to myself?

To live an authentic life – to be true to yourself – begin by being a good listener to yourself.  Listen at many different levels. First and foremost, listen at an emotional level.  Take the time to identify specifically what you are feeling.

Where do you feel the emotion in your body?  What responses are you having as a result of these sensations going on inside you at a very physical level?

Being able to listen this way begins the process of checking in with ourselves, where most of us – when we feel discomfort – “check out.” We “check out” by trying to find answers outside ourselves.  And we “check out” by looking for ways to avoid and escape the sensations and feelings that are going on inside of us.

Maybe the feelings show up as a tightness or discomfort. It’s important to pay attention to what these sensations are trying to communicate. Emotions are powerful messengers.  They have physical manifestations, but there are other levels of information available if we slow down and pay attention.  The sensations guide us to look at within ourselves.

To be true to yourself – Check in instead of checking out.

Be willing to relax, so that the message behind the feeling can come to the surface. Access the message by releasing resistance at a very physical level – Take a deep breath. Let the exhale be a way of letting go of control. Take that breath deep inside the discomfort and allow the exhale to be a way of letting go of the tension, releasing struggle. When you let go of the struggle against the feeling, you’ve got access to more information. From a deeper level of awareness, you have access to understanding.

As we release resistance, we allow an aspect of ourselves – that’s been trying to communicate with us – to come to the surface, and be available to give us the insight and wisdom we need.

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  1. Marty Lehrer

    Thank you for helping me start my day…have been feeling kind of low. The rain has been endless and I am greatly being affected by it!! Love to you and the family, Marty

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