Have yourself a breakthrough

“It’s not what’s coming at you.
It’s what’s coming from you.”


I had a breakthrough this week, and things have been running very smoothly since.  Even when things are breaking down, they’re getting back on track easily and quickly – which is just giving me more evidence of how the universe responds when we change our own thoughts and beliefs.

I mentioned that we had a bit of shock a few weeks back when we found out about a “clerical error with financial consequences.”  Here’s the amazing part:  we’re getting our check back.

But there’s even more to this turn around than bucks!  The money was just the proof.

Let me preface this story by saying we believe that anything is possible.  We’ve also learned over the years that the thoughts we have when we’re in the midst of a powerful emotion put hooks in us.  We believe them – unquestionably.   We live from them.  But we don’t even see them.

We know those thoughts become beliefs that can be limiting or useful – it’s our choice.  It’s all in the thoughts we think, the meanings we make.  And how intensely we feel it.  The more intensely we feel it – the more charge it has for us – the more Energy it attracts.

When we got a certified letter three weeks ago from a state government agency we worked with several years ago, saying that we were overpaid and they wanted their money back (or else…)  You can believe we had some strong emotions!  Throughout all of the phone calls that followed – all of the run around trying to understand what they thought was overpaid, and all of conflicting instructions we received about how to go about making the repayment within the 15 days they allowed – we were making declarations about what we want and deserve to have in our lives.

I silently screamed at the Universe, with intense clarity and focus (pain has a way of doing that) – “We deserve good things!”  I screamed it again and again in my mind.

And then I sat and listened.  I sat in neutral and watched the rushing sensation of emotions coursing through my body, in my blood.  I told the Universe, “I’m willing to listen.”

And an insight came.  I realized that – until now – I’d been looking for something outside me to tell me what I am worth or deserve – some kind of universal seal of approval.

And what I saw – what I heard the Universe respond – was:  We decide our worth.  We decide!

The Universe just responds to our decision.

We don’t have to prove or justify or cause our worth.  We’ve already been deemed worthy by Life.    We all deserve good things in our lives – not because we are good, and definitely not because we are better – but because we have the power to decide.  Our worth is the worth of Life Energy.  Our worth is our birthright.

“We deserve good things!” was my way of saying to the Universe:  I’m done with thinking myself unworthy, undeserving, with doubting my worth and living in fear of things that I thought could hurt me.  I’m done with expecting bad things to happen.  I’m done with thinking someone else, anyone else, determines my worth.  I can feel the power in my gut – the power we all share – that point where we are connected to everything, connected to the power that is bigger than us – the power that is beyond the mind and comes just from being alive.

And I literally wrote , in detail, all the good things we deserve – because we’ve decided to have them in our lives.

What we want, what we declare – It’s done!

What is closed, what we are ready to put behind us – It’s done!

We’re ready now!

A few days later, the state agency called me and said they’d made a mistake.  They said the original certified letter they sent us was an error and they wanted us to stop payment on the check we sent them – which is a miracle in itself.  Have you ever heard of a government agency admitting they made a mistake?  And refusing to take your money?!

But the real thrill – beyond getting our money back and being reassured that we had not done anything wrong – was the evidence of how the universe responds to our intentions – the proof that we really are powerful creators!  We decide!

Any time you have a strong emotion you can choose to use that feeling to take a new stand.  It’s an opportunity to make a powerful declaration about how you want things to be and what you believe. It’s a moment of acute focus and exquisite clarity.  A moment of intense power.   You can either resist that power or you can direct it.  Don’t be afraid of the intensity of your emotions – That’s where your power lies.  Be a witness to the feeling.  Ride it.  Focus it. Direct it.

The strength you will feel in your belly – the certainty you will feel – when you make a clear declaration to the Universe with intense emotion, is the strength that flows from your decision.  Any threat you feel at that point makes your determination stronger, your desire stronger, your certainty and clarity firmer.

So the next time you’re feeling anxious or frightened or angry or frustrated or lonely or bored or ecstatic, make a powerful declaration to the Universe about what you want and deserve.  Then listen for the answer.  Listen to what needs to shift.  Listen for the thought that’s been holding you back, and be ready to make use of that insight – to make a powerful decision, a new belief.  That’s your breakthrough!   Then watch how the Universe responds!

Breakthrough photo by Karl-Ludwig Poggemann at Flickr Creative Commons CC-BY 2.0

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