River of Life Meditation


A hypnotic 12 minute meditation that runs deep.  Restore a lost part of your Self.  Listen and release resistance, open to the pure flow of Life that runs through you like a great River – The Waters of the Heart.

Try it with this mantra:
“I am drawn closer and closer to the Source of my Self.”

Many Blessings!

The music is Anjey Satori’s River Surround. His music and the River of Life meditation are both shared under an Attribution-Share Alike Creative Commons license.

To download the mp3 file of the River of Life Meditation, right click the “12 minute meditation” link above, and choose “Save Link As”.  It will download the file to your computer or mobile device.

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Kai Chi Do: Opening a Vortex

vortex by cycreation @ fotolia.com

This week, during a powerful Kai Chi Do session, Charles helped the group to open a space to connect with Source Energy.

Everyone felt so much healing from it.  They wanted to keep the connection open – for themselves and also to make it available to other people.  So they were a little reluctant for the session to end.

When you do Kai Chi Do, you are raising and uplifting your spirit in the moment.  You’re making a contribution to the fabric of life.  You’re also uplifting the place where you do the session.  You’re leaving an energy signature there.  It becomes the spirit of a place.  When people wander into that space, they come in contact with the opening, the vortex, that you’ve created there.

And at the end of a Kai Chi Do session, you don’t close the vortex – You integrate it.

And then you carry the connection with you.