River of Life Meditation

A hypnotic 12 minute meditation that runs deep.  Restore a lost part of your Self.  Listen and release resistance, open to the pure flow of Life that runs through you like a great River – The Waters of the Heart.

Try it with this mantra:
“I am drawn closer and closer to the Source of my Self.”

Many Blessings!

The music is Anjey Satori’s River Surround. His music and the River of Life meditation are both shared under an Attribution-Share Alike Creative Commons license.

To download the mp3 file of the River of Life Meditation, right click the “12 minute meditation” link above, and choose “Save Link As”.  It will download the file to your computer or mobile device.

1 thought on “River of Life Meditation

  1. Todd Cianci

    Thanks for this wonderful meditation — I must petition Charles to make & post more of these.

    Happy holidays,
    – Todd

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