Meditation: Three Gifts from your Inner Teacher

Meditation: Three Gifts from your Inner Teacher This meditation is both progressive relaxation and vivid guided imagery.  It reveals 3 gifts of wisdom from your inner teacher, to guide you on your life journey.  Charles calls it Three Symbols of Liberation.

Close your eyes and begin to journey inward.  Become lighter as energy begins to flow easily and freely.  Relax deeply.  Open with each breath.  And release resistance.

Allow your awareness to expand.
From this perspective, you’ll find the keys you need.

The music is “Steppe” by Doc and Lena Selyanina, generously shared under a Creative Commons license through

To download the mp3 file of this Meditation, right click the “meditation” link above, and choose “Save Link As”.  It will download the file to your computer or mobile device.

This meditation is about 35 minutes in length.



Listen to your body

Listen to your bodyAt the start of each Kai Chi Do session, Charles reminds us to listen to our bodies.  This is so important!

First of all, it’s so much more fun when we’re not pressuring ourselves to do more than what feels right.

Second, it helps us learn self-regulation, how we can modify the intensity of our own experience by varying our movements and breath.

And third, learning to listen to the signals of our body is part of what keeps us safe in the world.   The New York Times made this point strongly in an article this week entitled How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body.

I don’t really know why people try to push themselves into positions (or places) that don’t feel good.  Is there some kind of rule that says you have to?  If someone, somewhere, made that rule and is trying to put that on you – just give your attention to your inner teacher instead.

And if you haven’t already checked them out, we have a few great old posts about doing Kai Chi Do the easy way.   We like easy.

Yoga in Nature’s Way photo by Tony Gladvin George on Flickr Creative Commons.

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