Spiritual high

When I was writing our last post, I came across this audio-video montage of Ram Dass talking about Attachment and Addiction.  Charles’ approach to recovery is so similar and aligned with Ram Dass’ comments on this subject – and Ram Dass is such an elegant speaker – that I thought you’d enjoy watching it.

There’s one point Ram Dass made in this recording, that I’d like to focus on.  He says you don’t really get immediate gratification from a spiritual approach to recovery –  you get something bigger than the rush you get from drugs, but you have to wait for it.

There are tools that will give you an immediate gulp of pure Life Energy that goes straight to your head, with no detours.  Let’s face it:  Kai Chi Do gives you a spiritual high. That’s why we say it’s a metaphysical workout for body, mind, and spirit.  The high comes from recovering your connection – what Ram Dass calls healing the separation.

But the challenge is learning how to keep the high – how to live your connection. Not just while your doing Kai Chi Do…or yoga, or meditation, or doing breathwork, or whatever works for you… but all the other hours of the day.   In your relationships, in your job, in your thoughts.  That’s the part you have to cultivate and savor over time.

That’s really our work.  That’s what Charles teaches.

It goes beyond recovery.  It’s just about having a full, vivid, and deliciously satisfying life.

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