Meditation: Finding Meaning

Meditation: Finding Meaning This meditation, recorded live on May 29th, 2013, is an exploration of your life meaning, a guided invitation to dialogue with your inner teacher, your expanded Self.

Special thanks to Gary and JoAnn Chambers for giving permission for use of their Visionary Music in this meditation.  This song is from their Abundance Series: Sanctuary.

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Meditation with Charles Robinson: May 15, 2013

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This Meditation May 15 2013 was recorded during Live streaming on May 15, 2013.  You’re invited each Wednesday at 8:30pm Eastern time.

Charles likes to do meditation to take us beyond logic, beyond all the noise in our heads.  Into a quiet peaceful place within ourselves.  Close your eyes.  Relax.  Travel along with Charles as your guide.  Special thanks to Gary and JoAnn Chambers for giving permission for use of their Visionary Music in this meditation.


Deb’s Meditation

Meditation by Deb Genatossio

In the world of water and sun I think of only pleasures.
I drift letting the tension sink beneath the waves.
the water makes me feel clean and alive.
I have found peace without even trying.
I swim back to shore.
the sand shifts beneath my feet with the gentle current.
shells dot the shoreline clean and glistening.
I stand and stretch the water lapping around my knees.
the sun feels glorious.
a blue sea surrounded by clouds hugs me.


Meditation: Journeying

A 24 minute meditation.  A journey of release and renewal.  A journey inside your own universe of possibilities.

Meditation by Charles Robinson, recorded live on Wednesday November 21, 2012.
The Music is “Statia” and “Homework” by Gurdonark, generously shared under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license and posted for all to enjoy on


Making the Best of Bad Meditation

There are many definition of meditation, but my favorite is this: stopping thought without falling asleep.

I remember a story Ram Dass told of how he went to study meditation in a remote Buddhist monastery somewhere in Asia.  They were very strict there. They sat in meditation all day every day, day after day, except for small meals.  And the meditation teachers, the masters, would walk around the students, monitoring their meditations.  And if he fell asleep – they hit him with a stick!

I’d say that’s a little over the top.

And besides, I like bad meditation.  You just have to time it right.  It’s probably not something you want to do in a remote Buddhist monastery, but if falling asleep is one of the difficulties you face when you try to meditate – why not make the best of it?

Bad meditation is my own personal treatment for insomnia.

When I lie down at night and my mind is so alert I think my eyes are open even when they’re closed, that’s my time to meditate.  If I achieve that beautiful state of awareness where thought stops without falling asleep, I’m in bliss.  And if I have a bad meditation, just kiss my head and let me sleep.