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Meditation: Journeying

A 24 minute meditation.  A journey of release and renewal.  A journey inside your own universe of possibilities. Meditation by Charles Robinson, recorded live on Wednesday November 21, 2012. The Music is “Statia” and “Homework” by Gurdonark, generously shared under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license and posted for all to enjoy on

Making the Best of Bad Meditation

There are many definitions of meditation, but my favorite is this: stopping thought without falling asleep. I remember a story Ram Dass told of how he went to study meditation in a remote Buddhist monastery somewhere in Asia.  They were very strict there. They sat in meditation all day every day, day after day, except […]

Walk in Paradise – Charles Robinson and J.S. Epperson

Every feeling is accessible through your thoughts.  Every manifestation begins with a thought.  All potential is here in each moment.  Relax and experience this pure freedom with this meditation.  It will take you on a journey. A Walk in Paradise.  The Paradise within you. Meditation by Charles Robinson.  Music by J. S. Epperson, Gammadrone (Quantum […]

Meditation: The Translucent Stream

This meditation takes you on a journey along a Translucent Stream, the stream of Life Energy.  Float on it.  Breathe with the rhythm of it.  Calm your mind.  Relax your body.  Take a ride on pure expansive consciousness.  And bring back a souvenir. The Music is Francesco’s  Présence – You can find it on Jamendo.  […]