Meditation Live Easter 2011

This Meditation was recorded Live during Kai Chi Do on Easter Sunday 2011, at Howard Park Beach.  The music, shared by these artists under a Creative Commons license is:
“Naked Child” by Brain Control on the album Principle of Love
“Insight (Prologue)” by J.S. Eppleson on the album Insight – A Theta Meditation
“At Rest” by Kevin MacLeod at

We’ve been taught that Jesus healed using the Spirit of Water, purifying and uplifting others by receiving their energy and transforming it.  The Spirit of Water isn’t physical water.  It’s the eternal Life energy that moves horizontally –  to be shared.

The Spirit of Water is the relationship we have with God through our relationship with one another.



Kai Chi Do Warm Up

Kai Chi Do is not something you watch.  It’s something you DO!   So we created a little warm up video.  Get up outta your chair and give it a try!  Pretend it’s your own little Wii Fit.  Get the energy flowing, and learn some of the basic movements and breaths of Kai Chi Do.

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Resistance is futile

Try doing this while you are thinking about something else

One thing that Kai Chi Do has taught me is that you can’t simultaneously hold onto resistance and allow Life Energy to flow.  They can’t exist in the same space.   They’re mutually incompatible – like trying to whistle and eat at the same time.

If I go into a Kai Chi Do session with a bunch of grumbling and upset in my head, all that “stuff” dissolves as soon as I am willing to relax, do the breathing, and the movements, and the rhythm.  I can’t keep the grumbling going and also do the process.  It’s either one or the other – Which would you choose?

If I try to hold onto my upset – as if there’s something constructive in that – my body feels heavy and my mind feels out of sync.  The only way to  fully participate is to set those upset thoughts aside.

Then once I let go of the upset, the breathing gets in my head and I feel present in my whole body (not just in my head).   And I feel the tingly vibrating flows of energy.

All of a sudden it looks like how I feel really is my choice.  I really can regulate my own energy.

And I can pick up the grumbling again as soon as I stop Kai Chi Do, but who wants to?

Feeling better starts with that willingness to let the resistance go.  To just set it aside for a little while.  I’m not ignoring my problems, I’m elevating my view.


The healing power of focus

“I’ll learn ya!” Brer Rabbit yelled.
He took a swing at the cute little Tar Baby and his paw got stuck in the tar.

“Lemme go or I’ll hit you again,”
shouted Brer Rabbit.
The Tar Baby, she said nothing.

“Fine! Be that way,” said Brer Rabbit, swinging at the Tar Baby with his free paw.
Now both his paws were stuck in the tar.

Brer Rabbit and the Tar-Baby,
retold by S.E. Schlosser


Few people understand that what you focus on becomes part of your experience.  And the more you focus on it, the bigger it gets.

Most people focus on the struggle – pushing away what they don’t want to try to get more of what they do want, focusing on problems in order to “resolve” them.  We see quite a lot of that in traditional approaches to recovery and healing.

It just doesn’t make sense to try to get rid of something by focusing your attention on it.  The more you engage your mind with the problem, the more you are stuck there – It’s like Tar-Baby.

Instead of trying to fix the “illness” – talking about it, examining it, unraveling it, regretting it, reliving it –  we encourage people to focus their time and energy on building a new kind of life – practicing a healthy lifestyle, healthy thinking, healthy relationships, finding a sense of purpose.  Build up those things and the symptoms fade.  They get replaced with health.

Is it work?  Absolutely.

But focusing on what you want is a more direct route because it puts the power of momentum on your side.

And it feels better!

Take a minute and ask yourself – for whatever problem you are facing – what focus will bring healing into your experience?

Photo by Michael Cardus at Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0


Evening Fire Meditation Saturday December 18th

Charles will be leading a healing Fire Meditation on December 18th.  Will you join us?

Fire is the third element in Kai Chi Do, and the fire that burns deep in the center of our beings has the potential of freeing us from physical and mental turmoil.

The Evening Fire Meditation is a mini-retreat, focused on identifying your personal anchors – the emotional and physical blocks that represent unresolved major life events – and beginning the process of reconciliation and release.

You know how powerful these events can be.  You supply the inner fire and Trail’s Nook will provide the bonfire!

Date:        Saturday, December 18, 2010
Time:        7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Place:        Odessa, FL
Fee:           $45
Contact us for information or to register.

It’s a great way to complete 2010 and find your creative power for the new year.