Resistance is futile

Try doing this while you are thinking about something else.

One thing that Kai Chi Do has taught me is that you can’t simultaneously hold onto resistance and allow Life Energy to flow.  They can’t exist in the same space.   They’re mutually incompatible – like trying to whistle and eat at the same time.

If I go into a Kai Chi Do session with a bunch of grumbling and upset in my head, all that “stuff” dissolves as soon as I am willing to relax, do the breathing, and the movements, and the rhythm.  I can’t keep the grumbling going and also do the process.  It’s either one or the other – Which would you choose?

If I try to hold onto my upset – as if there’s something constructive in that – my body feels heavy and my mind feels out of sync.  The only way to  fully participate is to set those upset thoughts aside.

Then once I let go of the upset, the breathing gets in my head and I feel present in my whole body (not just in my head).   And I feel the tingly vibrating flows of energy.

All of a sudden it looks like how I feel really is my choice.  I really can regulate my own energy.

And I can pick up the grumbling again as soon as I stop Kai Chi Do, but who wants to?

Feeling better starts with that willingness to let the resistance go.  To just set it aside for a little while.  I’m not ignoring my problems, I’m elevating my view.