Chakra Meditation with Flavor

Chakra Meditation: Music by Tazdeen Rashid & Meditation by Charles Robinson

Taz and Chaz put together this meditation in support of Chakra Sorbet, the sublime flavors creation of friend and fellow traveler Eric Stein, with tastes like  Raspberry-Cayenne and Ginger-lemonade.  Certainly spins my Energy wheels!  After all, our senses deserve enlightening too, don’t you think?  Listen with you whole body.  Just click the Guided Chakra Journey.



One Day Retreat October 19th 2013

Kai Chi Do, Breathwork, Lecture, and Discussion

One Day Retreat/ The First Element: Root

One Day Retreat October 19th 2013Saturday, October 19th, 2013
9am – 5pm
Bring your own lunch
Bring a yoga mat and pillow

Root represents our Connection to Life Energy, or Source.  This Connection creates safety and security as we navigate our physical world.  Our Root Connection establishes stability and balance. Root grounds us in the present moment, helping us to release our attachments to the past and worries about the future. (What a relief!)

In Kai Chi Do we experience Oneness through connection to the Divine Life Energy that flows in all of us, through appreciation of the Self that is the unique individual manifestation of Life, and through connection with one another, the experience of authentic community.   

We hope you’ll join us!

Unity of St. Petersburg
Fellowship Center
6168 1st Ave. N.
St. Petersburg  FL 33710

Program fee: $100
Complete the Retreat registration form and fax to us at 800-272-4311
Click “Add to Cart” button to make payment.

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Root Chakra image © JKerrigan at Dreamstime



Emotions Meditation you can feel

Emotions MeditationEmotions meditationEmotions are messengers from our inner teacher, our inner guidance system.  If we listen to them, they give us awareness our own wants and needs, and the intensity of our desire. They tell us if we are heading in the right direction or getting in our own way. They tell us what needs to change.  If we listen.  And if we don’t listen, they get louder, more insistent.  When they hurt, they’re revealing our own resistance, our own contradictions, the gap between what we want and what we believe, the discord between who we are and what we’re doing.  May this meditation help you to listen to your emotions, and find your way into harmony with your inner Being, the Source of who you are.

Emotions Meditation by Charles Robinson.  Music by J. S. Epperson, Gammadrone (Quantum Edit) – generously shared through and a Creative Commons license –CC-BY-NC-Share Alike.

To download the mp3 file of this Meditation, right click the “meditation” link above, and choose “Save Link As”.  It will download the file to your computer or mobile device.

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Still quiet world

meditation by Deb Genatossio

The sky is cloudless
the hard perfect blue of a summer painting
mountain breezes whisper through the roses in the garden
the mountains are misted by the distance
A scent. flowers, sea, new grass drifts on the air
it fills me with a sigh of pure pleasure
I soak all of these in
there is no gray drizzle here just strong warming sunlight
I feel a quiet deep blanketing stillness all around me
if I could paint I’d  paint this beauty
and call it ” silence”


Meditation: Finding Meaning

Meditation: Finding Meaning This meditation, recorded live on May 29th, 2013, is an exploration of your life meaning, a guided invitation to dialogue with your inner teacher, your expanded Self.

Special thanks to Gary and JoAnn Chambers for giving permission for use of their Visionary Music in this meditation.  This song is from their Abundance Series: Sanctuary.

To download the mp3 file of this Meditation, right click the “meditation” link above, and choose “Save Link As”.  It will download the file to your computer or mobile device.

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